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About Brian Barczyk:
Hey, I'm Brian Barczyk from SnakeBytesTV, AnimalBytesTV and Discovery channel's series Venom Hunters. Follow the Barczyk family and I as we share our lives as reptile breeders. We post daily vlogs each day at 9:00 AM (EST)! We are reptile breeders of snakes, geckos, blue-tongued skinks as well as all other animals. I also travel around the world doing amazing animal adventures. As far as snakes I breed corn snakes, milk snakes, king snakes, rat snakes, Ball pythons, Sand boas, Woma Pythons, Spotted Pythons, Children's pythons, Carpet pythons and more! Besides breeding, I have two dogs, Burmese pythons, Reticulated pythons, Tortoises, Lizards and an American alligator. Thank you for watching and don’t forget to check out my vlogs to go around the world with me!!
Brian Barczyk

  • Morning everyone! And Happy Labor Day to my American friends! The crew is off today so Jay and myself will be the only ones working today. We will do our animal choirs and film a vlog and then hopefully have an early day and enjoy the evening! Still working hard to complete the Podcast room hopefully within a week? I think you guys will love how its turning out. Also hope this assist feel video will help someone out. But again, please dont assist feed a snake that is already feeding in the past. My birthday was great and all the messages, comments and kind words made it so special. Thank you all! I filmed the entire day and it will be out in a few days! So you will all see how my day was spent. With animals, working and with the people that came to the Reptarium last night. Ended it with the crew at a patio restaurant eating pizza. What a perfect end of the day! Wishing you all an amazing day and sending positive energy your way! be grateful today for the little things. Love you all so much! Brian

    Brian BarczykBrian BarczykOy oldin
    • Happy late Birthday!!!

      Mandy RooneyMandy RooneyOy oldin
    • Playing catchup on the vlogs lol, sounds like you had a great birthday my friend you have great people in your life for sure. Im so proud of you Brian, you're doing an amazing job with the reptarium and podcast room you truly are amazing at designing and building man keep up the good work. 👍💜💙💜💙

      Leah EllisLeah EllisOy oldin
    • That was amazing to see you save the baby snake.

      Jason SuttonJason SuttonOy oldin
    • I love watching your videos because you inspired me to do that kind of business. I just know I'm too broke, but it's always good to watch a video like this. It makes me feel satisfied and happy

      beast teabeast teaOy oldin
    • 🦥😁 Lisa Tomsky !!!

      *Tracy Born Again Farm Girl*Tracy Born Again Farm GirlOy oldin
  • And she's so very excited for you too get your sloth😝😉😊

    William BrownWilliam Brown29 kun oldin
  • Brian my daughter washes you all the time she's a big supporter she actually wanted to come here for her birthday but it just passed it was on the 19 but she has had two snakes in the past 6 or 7 months and it was having trouble eating sadly it died but she got a new one 1 or 2 months ago and he's doing great soo... Yeah just wanted to show some love💘

    William BrownWilliam Brown29 kun oldin
  • Brian, At what point should you consider assist feeding my hatchlings are about a month old I’ve tried mouse hoppers , rat pinks live and frozen no interest whatsoever thanks Kirk

    Kirk SorensenKirk SorensenOy oldin
  • I often use this method on a woman when it’s her first bj. You just need to insert in her mouth and then once she has it in her mouth she usually just realizes how awesome it is and just starts going for it willfully continuing to keep it in her mouth on her own. Once they get a taste they love doing it on their own. You never force it. You just encourage her lovingly. Once she can see that it is something that is good for her life she will do it on her own.

    Christopher FinnChristopher FinnOy oldin
  • Were is the facility. Because I want to go. Can you post it on the UZworld community page

    Leighton CarterLeighton CarterOy oldin
  • i have the realpainting thats on your shirt

  • Female on the work crew what what

    Bethany JordanBethany JordanOy oldin
  • Another great video, thank you Brian! Love that I can watch this with my kids, we found your channel during quarantine and have been binging every night after home virtual schooling, I call it their science module, lol. Secretly hoping one of them asks for a snake....any day now it will happen, lol. I love tortoises, can you do more videos with them? Maybe a few more installments of good pet bad pet? Again thanks! For having something that brightens our days and we look forward to all of your videos.

    Natalia Prado-OviedoNatalia Prado-OviedoOy oldin
  • I like how you assist feed. Very low stress for the babies.....thank you for caring for your animals. Nice to see. I love snakes too.....

    LorrieAnne SilveyLorrieAnne SilveyOy oldin
  • So needed to see this! I just got 2 ball python babies and luckily both are eating and have had 2 meals already but may breed later so this is GREAT info! Brian you are the best!!

    D BD BOy oldin
  • Do you sell geckos ?

    Alexandria SteeleAlexandria SteeleOy oldin

    Nicole SoviaNicole SoviaOy oldin
  • I’m considering getting my very first snake and was wondering what’s the best breed for beginners

    Fallen LegionFallen LegionOy oldin
  • Well said Brian and great advice !!! There are just so many snake keepers that don't have the patience to invest personal time in caring for their snakes and you should NEVER assist feed any young snake if you know it's capable of eating on it's own !! Gosh I've had to assist feed so many of my new babies and all it takes is patience and dedication :O) The trick is getting the snake to lock some of it's back teeth into the feeder :) Funny feeding story one of my baby Pastave Ball Python babies that I had to assist feed wouldn't eat or spit out the feeder right away but the little bugger every single time would creep over to me and open it's mouth and sling the feeder at me and land it in my lap ROFL

    1softkiss1softkissOy oldin
  • God I love baby snakes, absolutely adorable ❤️.

    Gena ButlerGena ButlerOy oldin
  • Ive been struggling to feed my python since I brought it never ate when the guy said it has had it for over 3months doesnt eat i have to force feed it and i have to fource feed it as it spits it out so i have to feed it smaller meals been a pain

    Shannon HiltonShannon HiltonOy oldin
  • I truly am terrified of snakes and would never like to be around one but seeing these are very fascinating and they are beautiful. lol still hauling butt if I see a wild one.

    BreBreOy oldin
  • Why do u talk quiet? Snakes dont have ears

    Trent CampbellTrent CampbellOy oldin
  • That was so amazing to see the assist feed. It was cool to see there instinct kick in and start to eat! Thank you!

    Mandy RooneyMandy RooneyOy oldin
  • Very cool do an update on them plz

    Brenda Shadley ShadleyBrenda Shadley ShadleyOy oldin
  • Up podcast frequency please or make it longer look forward to it every week

    Brad NunnBrad NunnOy oldin
  • I have the first day of school tomorrow wish me luck😥 Edit:schools done it was a weird day we all had to wear masks and we had a class bubble we could take our masks off in class but nowhere else. Sooo it was an interesting day

    Red KnightRed KnightOy oldin
  • Now do a video about changing to rats from mice??? Then live to frozen???

    Mikael SmithMikael SmithOy oldin
  • wow,,,,nice job,,,,thanks

    Rod GrayRod GrayOy oldin
  • Hi Brian can u do sub as iam deaf and trying to lip read u lol

    Lisakate TuckerLisakate TuckerOy oldin
  • Hell ya pet co pet smart. Should watch this there ball pythons are withering away!

    Nicholas ButlerNicholas ButlerOy oldin
  • Thanks Brian! I just had some het Kiki balls and 1 out of the clutch is not eating. I'm definitely going to try your assist feeding method.

    Copper SparksCopper SparksOy oldin
    • Well, it worked on the 1st try! Thank you VERY much good sir.

      Copper SparksCopper SparksOy oldin
  • Love from south africa 😍😍😍😍

    Patrick LombardPatrick LombardOy oldin
  • Hey you look like you take care of your hair! Love your videos by the way we have our ball python because of your help! We have these all natural shampoos for men’s hair that are amazing my whole family uses them cause we have a line for everyone! Message me to try it! ochoakorey80@gmail.com

    Korey OchoaKorey OchoaOy oldin
  • What does Anthony edit? Checking in clips?

    Hopper's ExoticsHopper's ExoticsOy oldin
  • That was so cool to watch the baby finally take it . I've seen you do this before but I don't think you let us watch it finish. Thank you.❤️ I'm watching you waiting for my pain meds to kick in from my neck injury from working at the prison . This injury is what drove me to being depressed, suicidal and stuff cuz I am no longer able to work . So thank you for all your videos . That was cute "let me unravel this ball of ball pythons" your reaction 😀❤️

    Deb ConnessDeb ConnessOy oldin
  • Hey really enjoy ur video keep up the good work mane I love the way u break down every little detail in your video just started my channel and would really like some advice please like add and give me some input.

    Quelthecartel savage fam EQuelthecartel savage fam EOy oldin
  • Ur Awesome have a great day

    Ivan OrellanaIvan OrellanaOy oldin
  • Hi!!! How did you discover this technique?

    Marie AngeliqueMarie AngeliqueOy oldin
  • 😃Hey Im 13 and wanna get my first snake (yes my parents know) and I wanna get a kingsnake would I be able to keep it in my room ( it has an air conditioner) and do you guys know any cool morphs that aren't too expensive? Btw brian I love your vids been watching for 2 years

    sav ionsav ionOy oldin
  • On my 7th force feed with a golden child retic baby. Starting to loose hope. If I do not full send she just kicks it back out fast. I'm glad you do videos like this. I remember being younger and how intimidating this can be for a fresh keeper .

    Eva mikeEva mikeOy oldin
  • Hey just a quick quistan How do you get a snake out of a crack please it's a brown snake with ziggy lined on it's back. Pls help and let me know what it is .....

    amber antonucciamber antonucciOy oldin
  • When you say 3 attempt do you mean in the space of 3 weeks so 1 time a week or within a shorter time zone ?

    john borgjohn borgOy oldin
  • I love ball pythons and bull snakes (I like bull snakes better)

    Jake WebsterJake WebsterOy oldin
  • I was hoping you were going to put a camera in the incubator so we could see a clutch pip and hatch out of there eggs oh well maybe next year.

    Jane IlsleyJane IlsleyOy oldin
  • Awesome technique to show people how to “assist feed.” It’s not “force feeding,” which I’ve heard before. If I have a baby that won’t eat in the future I will definitely do this. Thanks B!

    The BizzMoneyBThe BizzMoneyBOy oldin
  • are you going to use accoustic insulation in the walls to minimise sound transmission?

    Brad CliftonBrad CliftonOy oldin
  • I still don’t know why I love whatching snakes online but hate seeing them in real life🤔

    stephanie riachstephanie riachOy oldin
  • Hi Brian I'm from Scotland UK I watch your videos ever day when a new vidoe comes on through this or through Facebook just want to wish you and lorry and the team well and the animals also lots of love I love your vidoes it lets me see animals we dnt have in our country and not even at zoos eairther so thanks you and I learn so much by watching these and having fun

    chaz dicksonchaz dicksonOy oldin
  • I just watched a video of yours on the animalbytestv youtube from 12 years ago when you first showed the super lori ball and Lori seemed SOOOOO shy. She has changed so much over the years and doesn't seem shy at all now. Lol

    Ashey EakinAshey EakinOy oldin
  • Hey Brian my boy sulcata tortoise is running into walls at night and shaking his head when sleeping is he sick or something pls help

    SnoozySnoozyOy oldin
  • Nice to see how your assist fedding works and how successful it is. thank you for sharing this technique. A Update of these little guys would be nice :-)

    SchatzS 92SchatzS 92Oy oldin
  • Hay Brian how r you doing and your animals I'm am a ffan of you. I have almost seen all your videos love you 😍.

    Ranu PrashantRanu PrashantOy oldin
  • you have done amazing work

    Moesha McKinleyMoesha McKinleyOy oldin
  • Thank god for assist feeding, I would hate for a 5 year project snake to be spoiled from not eating that would truly suck.

    Cameron .Cameron .Oy oldin
  • Currently my favorite blog music. All the feels, lol.

    Nicole SoviaNicole SoviaOy oldin
  • Fascinating to watch you feed the baby snakes. Thanks for showing us. What happens in the wild? Would the snakes die?

    Audrey WhitakerAudrey WhitakerOy oldin
  • I remember sunshine snake who died ill be here for u forever

    Jake FitzgeraldJake FitzgeraldOy oldin
  • I hope there aren't any snakes in the racks breathing in dust!

    SRR Founder1SRR Founder1Oy oldin
  • Do you record this fact that they don't eat? In cattle we call them dumbie calves If they don't start drinking from their mums and this trait can be inherited. You probably could select against this trait

    Philip LabriePhilip LabrieOy oldin
  • Did u know that 2 new species of Electric Eel have been discovered and one of them(E. Voltai) is the most Electric Fish generating upto 860 volts! And I've made a short documentary on the Electric Eel including the 2 subspecies. Do check it out: uzworld.info/player/video/iZ6YaaVodrvcp6I

    charan kumarcharan kumarOy oldin
  • so cute baby snake

    Thales Bernardo MendesThales Bernardo MendesOy oldin
  • This video made me very happy. I just received 2 babies that have yet to transition to f/t and I was curious how I would go about assisting if need be. You inspired me to follow my dream and now without knowing it you educated me.

    highwaylover389highwaylover389Oy oldin
  • Hay where’s verde. 😢

    Jacob SkallaJacob SkallaOy oldin
  • Really liked seeing the assist feed if the babys. And those were some really pretty clowns.

    My E'klectic LifeMy E'klectic LifeOy oldin
  • Such a cool thing to see thanks for the advice and everything you do 👍🏾

    Black PowerBlack PowerOy oldin
  • How in the world do u feed all them animals and i think its horrible that all them snakes live in tiny drawrs with only a water bowl no heat lamps just to produce 10 banger snakes out of hundreds of eggs what u do with the snakes if they don't sell cant keep 1000 snake till they die

    Alex IpriAlex IpriOy oldin
  • Happy bday brian

    Angie ScyocAngie ScyocOy oldin
  • Looks great rock on the wall is a good idea

    Angie ScyocAngie ScyocOy oldin
  • I hate looking at dead animals, no matter what type of animal it just makes me so sad (life of an empath) and I usually end up skipping through the part that actually made the thumbnail but I love the vlogs so much I still click to watch the rest of it 😂

    M NM NOy oldin
  • I’ve done that for a few of my babies and there eating by themselves now and I’m happy

  • 13:12 Great Stuff! 👌😆

    Machu PiccuMachu PiccuOy oldin
  • Can u give me snake XD or make sbake give away😆

    James MoncedaJames MoncedaOy oldin
  • Thank you, brian for all your time and love for this beatiful, snakes! and for teaching us! thank you! excelent blog!!!

    Bordalo BordadosBordalo BordadosOy oldin
  • Brian, you might want to also insulate the walls of the podcast and tech rooms, you really want as much sound control as possible for it.

    AzraelThanatosAzraelThanatosOy oldin
  • Hey brain i had a couple ball pythons that spit up live and frozen mice i was hoping you had an idea what i can do differently with feeding

    lil snoop reptile_manlil snoop reptile_manOy oldin
  • Dude, you are the godfather of ball pythons and your knowledge is amazing, thank you for sharing your knowledge and life with us.

    Brandon NeumannBrandon NeumannOy oldin
  • It’s been like three years since I watched this

    Carter BartoCarter BartoOy oldin
  • See, THIS is a good video!! Yes love it!!

    Signe perssonSigne perssonOy oldin
  • A big thumbs down for the discordant music😖

    Amy SchoonerAmy SchoonerOy oldin
  • Great video

    Swanson Family FarmSwanson Family FarmOy oldin
  • Brian Thank You So Much For Teaching People I Learn more about Reptiles from you than anyone on UZworld !!!

    Chase BrunnerChase BrunnerOy oldin
  • Hello Brian that is so cool your doing that too the snake so cool thanks so much

    Michelle MorningstarMichelle MorningstarOy oldin
  • How cool that you showed how to help babies! It makes since that the food drive just hasn’t kicked in on some babies!! Thank you for sharing your knowledge!!

    April BasingerApril BasingerOy oldin
  • If you're going to be building an editing rig definitely go with a ryzen thread ripper, you will not regret it!!

    Chris sChris sOy oldin
  • What is the name of the song in the video?

    fuzzytigercatfuzzytigercatOy oldin
  • Wheres the white spinkle clutch?

    ron dayron dayOy oldin
  • Brian, how often do you feed your snakes?

    Iann BoozeIann BoozeOy oldin
  • Boa tarde, sou fã o canal. Cadê a legenda em Portugês - BR? []Não entendo inglês. Grato. Good afternoon, I'm a fan of the channel. Where's the caption? I do not understand English. Thankful. (Google translator)

    Rodrigo DominguesRodrigo DominguesOy oldin
  • Ball of Ball pythons had me rolling! XD So funny Brian! I loved that joke so much

    jcnornjcnornOy oldin
  • Brian feeding this baby snake was amazing. I thank you for sharing this.

    Joe CentroneJoe CentroneOy oldin
  • The baby snakes are probably vegan Brian lol

    SlümpdMasterSlümpdMasterOy oldin
  • Thank you for this video Brian!!! We have a few hatchlings that are having the same issue and assist feeding is sometimes a patient’s tester😂😂😂 the hanging technique actually helped out a lot!!!

    The Scales Family ReptilesThe Scales Family ReptilesOy oldin
  • Yeah, I, with my 1st Ball Python would cut apart Gerbils and fed tails and legs lack of knowledge this was in the late 80s and early 90s.

    Steven MillerSteven MillerOy oldin
  • Hi

    Nomvula ThobehaNomvula ThobehaOy oldin
  • I have a question what happens if the snake die in the shiping

    jiging like a bossjiging like a bossOy oldin
  • Have you tired ASF they seem to love them

    James Campbell JrJames Campbell JrOy oldin
  • Braian is the man!!! 👏👍👏👌👌

    brokenredflagbrokenredflagOy oldin
  • Have a good day Brian

    Ladell HawkinsLadell HawkinsOy oldin
  • so im having problems with my 4yr old ball that has stopped eating, she stopped eating for about 4 months and then last month she took 1 and now shes not eating again, iv tryed 3 times and shes not interested at all. can i assist feed a 4 yr old snake the same?

    sick puppysick puppyOy oldin
  • Nice video Brian my babys ain't eaten and its been 7 days and the weight is at 33grams should I assist feed

    Crazy Magnet FishingCrazy Magnet FishingOy oldin
  • Hey Brian Are You Going to Get Kush a Female Croc montinor Too Breed

    Alanna BennettAlanna BennettOy oldin
  • That’s the best assist feed method I’ve ever seen...so calm

    Hay MikeHay MikeOy oldin
  • Hey Brian! I've decided on my first ever project! I'm so excited! Snow super pastel calico lesser I might add in leopard or something else but for now I've got most of the Gene's just need a vpi or a het. SO EXITING AHHHHH!!! Let's keep it positive!!

    Mad WolfMad WolfOy oldin