9-Okt, 2020
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1500TH VLOG! We are taking it all the way back to the beginning!
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About Brian Barczyk:
Hey, I'm Brian Barczyk from SnakeBytesTV, AnimalBytesTV and Discovery channel's series Venom Hunters. Follow the Barczyk family and I as we share our lives as reptile breeders. We post daily vlogs each day at 9:00 AM (EST)! We are reptile breeders of snakes, geckos, blue-tongued skinks as well as all other animals. I also travel around the world doing amazing animal adventures. As far as snakes I breed corn snakes, milk snakes, king snakes, rat snakes, Ball pythons, Sand boas, Woma Pythons, Spotted Pythons, Children's pythons, Carpet pythons and more! Besides breeding, I have two dogs, Burmese pythons, Reticulated pythons, Tortoises, Lizards and an American alligator. Thank you for watching and don’t forget to check out my vlogs to go around the world with me!!
Brian Barczyk

  • Good Morning! Hope your Fridays are amazing! Its so insane to me to think that we have made 1500 Vlogs! I remember the day that Lori and I spoke about potentially doing a daily vlog and it seemed impossible to keep up. In the beginning it was stressful and difficult, but as the months went by it became more and more a part of my life. I honestly can't imagine life without it now. Will I keep doing it forever? Probably not, but I think I have some pretty major things to share over the next few years at least that I want to keep filming. So I guess you guys are stuck with me for a while. And honestly you all complete my life! Without you all I would be lost! Thank you so much! Comment down below what your favorite vlog was... Have a great day and see you tomorrow! Love you guys! Brian

    Brian BarczykBrian Barczyk13 kun oldin
    • Congrats on 1500 vlogs and I would have to say one of my favourites was when ye got mathilda

      Caoimhe Ní NúnáinCaoimhe Ní Núnáin12 kun oldin
    • A morning without Brian Barczyk isn't a good morning 😕 We need you like coffee ☕ We love you, your family and your animals ❤

      stephanie elliottstephanie elliott12 kun oldin
    • I’m so proud of you iv been watching you from the beginning and I have struggled but watching your videos helps me so thank you. I hope that your day is amazing. Have a great weekend everyone xx

      Samantha AmosSamantha Amos12 kun oldin
    • Never teach a german shepherd fetch!!

      jusA ProjusA Pro13 kun oldin
    • I found you by chance and have been watching every day. I was so scared of snakes and , you've shown me they each have a unique personality and shouldn't be feared but loved and respected......I am still a little scared though 😁😁

      jynx78 Mjynx78 M13 kun oldin
  • Holy crap! Lucy looks like a little baby in that flashback when she escaped, after watching the vlogs for so long you kind of lose track of how big the animals have actually gotten !

    Ashley GreensladeAshley Greenslade4 kun oldin
  • Please don't ever stop vloging because I love to learn something new from you, Lori, and your staff.

    Lori McElroyLori McElroy4 kun oldin
  • I would absolutely love seeing daily videos in the next year. I didn't start out with you from the beginning, but I have sat and watched every video of the vlog! Many of my friends asked me what I was watching and when I showed them, most of them loved your content as well! It makes my day being able to come home and watch your videos. I try to watch every day, but sometimes life gets busy. I look at it as just more to watch on the day I get a chance!

    Ariel RheaAriel Rhea5 kun oldin
  • Brain has changed over time and looks so good and healthy

    Amman FarooqAmman Farooq7 kun oldin
  • You are amazing cant wait to be able to make it down there .enjoy ur day

    K LK L9 kun oldin
  • I love you and everything you do. You’ve helped me get out of my depression. I watch you every night after my bath when I lay down. You’ve helped me set personal goals and reach them as well. I will make it out to the reptarium one day!!

    Sydnie VilladsenSydnie Villadsen10 kun oldin
  • I love Lori lol we need Lori merch shirts bc I feel like she’s my spirit animal

    Sydnie VilladsenSydnie Villadsen10 kun oldin
  • Second video today wow

    H2o TurtleH2o Turtle10 kun oldin
  • Bruh I've been watching you every morning for the past year I dont think I'm going in where. Your awesome your animal are absolutely beautiful keep it up.

    nick robinsonnick robinson10 kun oldin
  • I love your vlogs I look forward to them everyday.

    corinne spanelewskicorinne spanelewski11 kun oldin
  • This was a great video. One of my favorites in a while. Awesome job Brian!

    Ryan DRyan D11 kun oldin
  • I always laugh when you lie down on the floor... haha

    Ryan DRyan D11 kun oldin
  • I absolutely love your vlogs! I get up looking forward to watching your content. Thans for that, without the vlogs to look forward to it would be a lot harder, especially with covid and nothing to do.

    Jenny M.Jenny M.11 kun oldin
  • do you still have that german Shepherd

    boruto uzumakiboruto uzumaki11 kun oldin
  • Wow!!!!1500 days!!!can't believe you've been vlogging that long 🥰🥰🥰 Here's looking forward to 1500 more🥂🍾

    BLAR_REPTILES NonabaumgardnerBLAR_REPTILES Nonabaumgardner11 kun oldin
  • I have been watching since vlog 1 I can't believe you at at 1500 wow

    Aaron Griffin vlogs and pranks GriffAaron Griffin vlogs and pranks Griff11 kun oldin
  • Love the custom animal merch but really wish women's cut tees were offered!

    Kitsi SatineKitsi Satine11 kun oldin
  • I'm here since the 180th vlog

    Zakarya BenayacheZakarya Benayache11 kun oldin
  • I need daily vlogs you make my day 1000x better bit selfish from my part :')

    Maylee MorenoMaylee Moreno11 kun oldin
  • Around 8 months from exactly 5yrs since the daily Vlogs started love the animals one day I’ll make it out there keep up the good work Brian❤️

    Riot GodRiot God11 kun oldin
  • Looking forward to the next 1500 brother!!!

    BassManBobBassCoversBassManBobBassCovers11 kun oldin
  • Brian congratulations on you 1500 vlog. I just wanted to let you know that I look forward to them everyday and they are a positive way to start my day. I appreciate your time, commitment and dedication to doing this daily. Peace love and light are sent your way

    Tina Marie'sTina Marie's11 kun oldin
  • Girl let me give u some advice that girl hates it when U vlog together the second I saw her it was obvious it’s personal time man and it’s not personal if it’s with a camera in your face

    Jemini36Jemini3611 kun oldin
  • Love watching your videos 😍 all the animals they are amazing I love watching everyday exp love Lucy, Daisy, Sunrise, Ivey and R.J my boys name is R.J an he love R.J because his named after him an he likes how Lori acts around R.J he says there's no need to be scared of me lol keep up the great work look forward for tomorrow's video. My fav vlog was the one where Lori helped you an held Daisy well you cleaned her cage then Lucy but Lucy was acting up so Lori cleaned her cage then Lori held R.J then you went to varaday the anaconda an Lori wouldn't go near her then you went to the glass blowing art together

    Kylie WhiteKylie White12 kun oldin
  • we love you brian. you are by far the biggest reptile blogger on youtube. keep up all the good work, we all look forward for your vlogs every single day. i am homeless right now, so watching your vlogs always cheeer me up. thank you very much brian!!!!!! we look forward to your future!

    Anthony CromanAnthony Croman12 kun oldin
  • Perdita needs some merch!

    Karri TateKarri Tate12 kun oldin
  • Yeah dude it's been a journey.. it just hit me how much has happened over the years insane..

    Josh TweeJosh Twee12 kun oldin
  • I dont think we've seen that tegu before. Can you put it in a vlog?

    RemiRemi12 kun oldin
  • Congrats on your 1500 vlog! And to think I only live a few miles away. I remember seeing Lori at my old job. If you ever need volunteers please let me know!! I'm a longtime subscriber!!!!

    DanielleDanielle12 kun oldin
  • ♡♡♡. Lots of love from the netherlands ♡

    Esther TamaraEsther Tamara12 kun oldin
  • ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    Esther TamaraEsther Tamara12 kun oldin
  • I love the way that in the 1st vlog you would spend 3 hours on a Friday with your animals and now 1500 videos later you spend 3 hours on a Friday running the Reptarium

    Caoimhe Ní NúnáinCaoimhe Ní Núnáin12 kun oldin
  • Got a virtual tour booked for Thurs. I know it is with someone called Jay but if you ,Lori or Bruce can pop in to say Hi i'd be stoked. Can't wait to meet ivy. Keep on keeping on.🤗

    Liz DysonLiz Dyson12 kun oldin
  • Brian, Without purpose in our lives we fail to see the reason for living and give up and waste away. As long as we have purpose, we continue to live, no matter what we come up against, we don't back down if we have dreams and goals to reach. Keep on dreaming and reaching Brian!

    Matt RosseyMatt Rossey12 kun oldin
  • Huge congrats! Have been watching your vlogs since number 1! Its my daily mental treat to myself!

    PJ HarrisPJ Harris12 kun oldin
  • good morning brian love watching your vlogs just subscibed to them and ilove them and all the animals and hope to visit soon mary from cincinnati ohio bye 4 now

    Mary LewisMary Lewis12 kun oldin
  • I'm so glad you carried on vloging I was losing my mind at the start of lockdown over here in the UK. You have kept me going I luv the way you are all the animals are amazing keep going pleeeeeeease xx

    Karry 2Karry 212 kun oldin
  • YAY!! FINALLY the TEGU on camera!

    Critter MomCritter Mom12 kun oldin
  • Please please please keep doing the vlog daily i hope that doesnt sound selfish but I have been a fan for almost 2 years and for the last year and half u have been apart of my wake up routine everyday and I have since changed job last week and my hours changed from 1pm-11pm i now work 730am-6pm so u have gone to part of my relaxing time after work each day but u have helped me learn so much about not inly snqkes and other reptiles but also ways to try to deal with my depression and anxiety that has gotten real bad over the last year or so and I truly appreciate it so much so congratulations on 1500 I and hope and wish u can/will do many many more

    Kevin EdmundsonKevin Edmundson12 kun oldin
  • I think your vlog has been symbiotic to the viewers also. ie if we were having a tough day we'd check in with you and sometimes help our mood! Thanks Brian! 👍😁

    John TompkinsJohn Tompkins12 kun oldin
  • I want to visit your place...... 😍😍 Love from INDIA..... 🥰🥰

  • Tazzzzz I love him tegus have a special place in my heart I have two myself thanks for keeping your promise to me Brian and showing him your the man

    Jacob WiltJacob Wilt12 kun oldin
  • Hiya from spain, I know you say a snake bred to that snake etc, could you explain why snakes are called certain things, ie like 'lemon blast' etc etc, I like listening to the different type of snakes but get a little lost when your naming about 4 or 5 different types in one snake. And where the names came from. Please don't ever stop vlogging.

    Julie ChristieJulie Christie12 kun oldin
  • Brian where is your shop at i want to visit u and i might purchase a frills dragon

    Roger WardRoger Ward12 kun oldin
  • Love your vlogs! Have a great day, y'all. 🙂

    N8TIVEWW65N8TIVEWW6512 kun oldin
  • I think it's amazing what you do Steve irwin got me into animals and you got my passion to wanting to own my own reptile place where breed, rescue rehabilitate rehome boarding service keep up good work stay safe take care

    Luke LamontLuke Lamont12 kun oldin
  • The DPRK is the best place to vlog

    Kim Jong-unKim Jong-un12 kun oldin
  • Congrats on 1500 that's amazing! They have collared lizards? Woah! The Eastern collareds are my favorites, The blue on that lizard is so beautiful

    Avery the Cuban-AmericanAvery the Cuban-American12 kun oldin
  • I learn so much and my fears have subsided for snakes and lizards...Thank you!

    Belinda C HarrisBelinda C Harris12 kun oldin
  • Good morning from Sweden! Love your vlogs Brian, me and my dog watch you every morning when we have breakfast. I've been going through a lot of healthissues the past 4 years and your vlogs have always given me a good start to my rough days! Sending lots of love and also doghugs from my boy Barry, he can't wait for the sloth 🦥🐾💕

    Katarina WandinKatarina Wandin12 kun oldin
  • I love your channel! It makes the sad days, so much happier! Thank you for all that you do! 🙂🐍🦎🐢🦥

    Alina ScoginAlina Scogin12 kun oldin
  • Wow congratulations on 1500 vlogs .......from Liverpool England I wasn’t a snake/lizard lover but after finding your vlog one sleepless night I was hooked. I absolutely LOVE them. Your vlog has got me through some terrible times while I’ve been shielding from this terrible Coronavirus and you have kept me going. I’ve been watching some of your older vlogs so I feel like I’m now one of your fans. Thank you for vlogging even through the pandemic and you don’t realise how much you, Lori and the gang at the reptarium have played such a n important role in getting me through the pandemic. I now love snakes (even Lucy amazes me) and the lizards and I really look forward to future vlogs. Please stay safe and love to you all Jill xxxxx

    Jill MordauntJill Mordaunt12 kun oldin
  • I've watched your vlogs nearly everyday for well over a year now and you've inspired me to start breeding milksnakes myself over here in the UK. I'm not content with a 9:00-17:00 office job, I want my world to be surrounded by amazing animals and one day I Will achieve that dream. Thank you Brian for showing us it's possible and showing me that even through hardship, you can still make dreams a reality!

    Matthew PearmanMatthew Pearman12 kun oldin
  • You do have a Tegu yay my favorite lizard

    Stephanie BrunerStephanie Bruner12 kun oldin
  • Hampudoy

    1000 subs without video challenge Filipino1000 subs without video challenge Filipino13 kun oldin
  • Congratulations 🎉 on the milestone vlog. You have come a long way. Amazing work

    Jenny McCabeJenny McCabe13 kun oldin
  • Brian you helped us as much as we helped you! This year would have been completely unbearable without that simple 15 minutes of escape everyday with you. Thank you!

    llroxllrox13 kun oldin
  • Been here since the beginning 😎

    BP SweatBP Sweat13 kun oldin
  • Hey Brian, if you get another large python, I think the name of Pythor will fit him. If another female your gonna get, I would suggest Pyrrha or Pytho for female names. Anyways I enjoy watching your blogs. Keep up the great work. My favourite snakes are the two Anacondas and Lucy.

    Ruby WabashRuby Wabash13 kun oldin
  • I watch you everyday and happy to have witnessed it all. I love your snake and hope to see the sloth DROGO soon

    JOE NYGMAJOE NYGMA13 kun oldin
  • I so look forward to seeing your vlog everyday, your so educated on these beautiful creatures you love so much, the vlogs are always a fun time my little girl and I share together. ✌💗

    Jenni JenniJenni Jenni13 kun oldin
  • it's crazy to see someone so devoted into what they do and love every part of it I stumbled upon Brian's channel 2 weeks ago and sadly i wish i did before. I love the Vlogs it brighten my day up and 1500th vlogs daily takes a true warrior Keep up the good work your content is truly incredible. Thank you for everything i've watched alot of your videos from before i found your channel and every video is epic. thank you again Brian your love for animals is truly out of this world. I cannot thank you enough. it is hard to find interesting content on youtube lately but you doesn't let us down amazing content amazing people amazing family amazing family and amazing animals. Much love from Canada New-Brunswick ♥♥♥

    L3G1T SHAGGYL3G1T SHAGGY13 kun oldin
  • So proud of you mate. I have been here since the snakebytes days and I have so excited when you started vlogging and I am still so excited everyday when I see the notification pop up for them now. Congrats on the vlogs so far and I can’t wait for more 💚

    Liesl HemsworthLiesl Hemsworth13 kun oldin
  • Not ONLY have we spent the last 1500 days with you Brian, YOU have helped many of US get through the last 1500 days better.. I have followed you from day one and i cant imagine my day ending without seeing a new vlog from you. So thank you for that, and we love you brother

    brad collinsbrad collins13 kun oldin
  • Hey Brian. Congrats on all the success on your vlog. I found it I think 8 to 12 months ago and Im pretty sure I jave watched everyday since. Snakes scare the hell out of me but I just love your channel. Keep it going man!!!! Not sure what I would do without it. I now LOVE snakes. Still scared as hell but if I was with you I would definitely hold one. Before your channel there was no way in hell I would even be in the same room as one. Congratulations man!!!!

    Jonathan HamletJonathan Hamlet13 kun oldin
  • Brian I want to say congratulations on 1,500 vlog I been only watching these vlogs since March and I have enjoyed them since Thanks for these videos even when I am having been bad day

    Joseph HoffnagleJoseph Hoffnagle13 kun oldin
  • Love the vlogs, been here since #1.

    Stephanie WardStephanie Ward13 kun oldin
  • these incredible things, also have good history behind.

    Thales Bernardo MendesThales Bernardo Mendes13 kun oldin
  • nice vlog!

    Thales Bernardo MendesThales Bernardo Mendes13 kun oldin
  • Congratulations on reaching 1500 vlogs!!

    Charlie PaulatosCharlie Paulatos13 kun oldin
  • Hi Brian. I haven't been subscribed to your channel for long but I really enjoy watching your videos and seeing your beautiful animals. I'm so pleased you have come through that dark tunnel of anxiety and depression and you have survived it all. You are an inspiration and I'm sure you help many people who have the same problems. You certainly brighten my day. Thankyou take care and stay safe Kath UK

    kath oakeskath oakes13 kun oldin
  • We love you all. I can't wait to meet you Lori and Noah. And the rest of the crew.

    Tina HowellTina Howell13 kun oldin
  • Congratulations! 🥳🎉

    StreuddleStreuddle13 kun oldin
  • #dontstopthevlog 👀🤭

    Tennn MercerrrTennn Mercerrr13 kun oldin
  • Why do you always say, "to be totally honest with you" or "I'm not going to lie"? Is there a reason that you would lie or not be honest with us? It's kinda annoying.

    Daryl MorseDaryl Morse13 kun oldin
  • I'm so proud of you Brian and keep your dream alive make today awesome.

    Jessy MarieJessy Marie13 kun oldin
  • Bro, ok, if you have any idea who and how many times you've got a like from me and a comment, if you need time off, take your time off, don't give it to Noah unless he's going around show casings animals and stuff. That's just MY opinion but I've been here BEFORE vlog 1 just go look for my comments. I remember vlog 365... But you are so genuine maybe do a vlog again at just BHB showing just cool animals with just the camera mic on again like the old days!!! Please!! Ooooh, and include Speedy!

    PattPatt13 kun oldin
  • PLEASE PLEASE go back to one of these vlogs one of these days because it's SO SO GENUINE. I've been around since snakebytestv and I really want you to do this again because it was so cool to see this because I've been here since day 1 of the vlogs before.

    PattPatt13 kun oldin
  • I was in the 400s I think hope you had a awesome day

    Kurt GuyKurt Guy13 kun oldin
  • I come home every day from work and watch your vlog. I've watched daily since I found you in January! I love having your vlog to look forward to every day! I know it's a huge commitment but I love taking those few minutes from my day to just sit down and relax and enjoy the things I love!

    Britni KBritni K13 kun oldin
  • I haven’t been here for the full 1500 but probably 1000 you are probably the first you tuber that I started following keep up the good work and maybe take at least one day off for you and your family just to relax and unwind

    Michael JohnsonMichael Johnson13 kun oldin
  • Your videos are the best

    Aadil MajumdarAadil Majumdar13 kun oldin
  • I watch the blog daily with my wife she loves it and finally agreed that I can get a snack looking for something with spider so get creative with that gene

    budahodums11budahodums1113 kun oldin
  • I love you Brian you are a normal person you help me in a lot of ways.

    Rashelle MccarthyRashelle Mccarthy13 kun oldin
  • brian can i put comment to you is it ok love David

    David McClellanDavid McClellan13 kun oldin
  • Happy anniversary Brian I've been with you almost 5 yrs now you are my mentor in reptile greatness thank you.

    Trucker ManeyTrucker Maney13 kun oldin

    Verlyn NygaardVerlyn Nygaard13 kun oldin

    Verlyn NygaardVerlyn Nygaard13 kun oldin
  • oh man! 1500 vlogs! i remember back when i found ur channel! i went back and watched all the vlogs from the beginning! then i caught up and kept watching from there! even now i sit down and the first thing i do is watch ur vlog at 6 am for me! sometimes a lil later lol. anyways CONGRATULATIONS! seriously you have come so far from when you first started vlogging! cant wait for the future expansions! keep on doin what your doing and have an awesome day!

    CraZ GamerCraZ Gamer13 kun oldin
  • Thank you for all your time and sharing

    Annie NAnnie N13 kun oldin
  • Please never stop man😁 I can’t say I’ve watched all the vlogs but I’ve definitely been a subscriber and a fan since snakebytes tv. I even have a picture with you, Noah, and Chewy It’s inspiring to see your work and growth. I will visit the Reptarium one day! Stay awesome Brian

    ChillChill13 kun oldin
  • That video when Lucy got out was when I first started watching and now here we are years later still watching every upload love the content man 🤘

    Austin BorlandAustin Borland13 kun oldin
  • Love you brian thanks for everything. shoutout jay for the fire dubstep in a couple scenes. much love Ethan from Depot & Michaela

    Ethan KnaebelEthan Knaebel13 kun oldin
  • I hope to own a Mangrove one day

    O'Rion JonesO'Rion Jones13 kun oldin
  • The last few months since my kids found your channel and got me hooked on it you have taught us a lot about snakes & reptiles. You have also inspired me a lot. Thank you so much. We look forward to your video each day.

    L CL C13 kun oldin
  • Wow congrats on 1500 vlogs! I’ve been watching about 3 years and remember before the reptarium, watching you build it, the expansion. It’s been a fun journey and I can’t wait to see what’s next!

    Jae M.Jae M.13 kun oldin
  • Some pepol never stop being awsome. :)

    brokenredflagbrokenredflag13 kun oldin
  • I'm so proud of you Brian you're very inspirational to me thank you for all your blogs and videos keep up the good work you got me into reptiles it was a passion of mine when I was young but wasn't allowed to have snakes now that I'm 42 and I'm on my own with my own family I have my first ball pythons thanks again

    Goce TasevskiGoce Tasevski13 kun oldin
  • Thanks for the video Mr. B! I bet you miss being able to hug people. This whole mess sucks.

    stlmikiestlmikie13 kun oldin