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About Brian Barczyk:
Hey, I'm Brian Barczyk from SnakeBytesTV, AnimalBytesTV and Discovery channel's series Venom Hunters. Follow the Barczyk family and I as we share our lives as reptile breeders. We post daily vlogs each day at 9:00 AM (EST)! We are reptile breeders of snakes, geckos, blue-tongued skinks as well as all other animals. I also travel around the world doing amazing animal adventures. As far as snakes I breed corn snakes, milk snakes, king snakes, rat snakes, Ball pythons, Sand boas, Woma Pythons, Spotted Pythons, Children's pythons, Carpet pythons and more! Besides breeding, I have two dogs, Burmese pythons, Reticulated pythons, Tortoises, Lizards and an American alligator. Thank you for watching and don’t forget to check out my vlogs to go around the world with me!!
Brian Barczyk

  • Good morning! Happy Monday! I truly think this will be a great week and I am looking forward to seeing what comes of it! Later this week we cut the special clutch of snake eggs to see if my 7 year project is going to be a hit or a bust! I am so excited and its been such a long time since I started the project. Wish me luck! We are continuing to work on the podcast room and hope to do some renovations on the tortoise pen here at the Reptarium as well as at home on Noahs channel for Speedy! Lots to do but also very exciting. Anxiety has been better, still ups and downs but I truly believe that all the hard work I have put into my mental health is slowly paying off. Promise I will do a video dedicated to what I have been doing and my journey through this to hopeful help others. But I want to be a little ore stable before doing it. So bear with me for a bit. Regardless I appreciate each of you and I am sending my love! Have a great day! Brian

    Brian BarczykBrian BarczykOy oldin
    • We love you Brian hope you get better

      Lilly RosamondLilly RosamondOy oldin
    • How’s Lucy

      Xavier CintronXavier CintronOy oldin
    • You must be a millions subscribers. I suggest you must have a raffle price a one small snake's who ever wins the raffle. love it super fun.

      Jeffrey VillaruelJeffrey VillaruelOy oldin
    • Could you imagine them in a pie that would be so awesome

      Christina KluttzChristina KluttzOy oldin
    • Just saying... Super Lori Leopard Clown or Ultramel Butter Lori Leopard sound crazy~

      Samone VanBuskirkSamone VanBuskirkOy oldin
  • Love watching your videos very interesting and educating got me into wanting a snake or chameleon keep vlogs goin watch you everyday

    ashley godberashley godber25 kun oldin
  • It's cuz you're not wearing your Egg Time shirt. :P

    August RainAugust RainOy oldin
  • Brian, I just want you to know how much I admire you for doing what you love, caring for these animals, and teaching others about these very socially misunderstood reptiles. Every video I’ve watched brightens my day. I live about two hours away from your reptarium and have been begging to visit for the last two years! I am hoping to visit very soon! Also, it’s very important to me that you are aware of how much you are loved by others. We are all here for you no matter what, and support you through anything. We love you! Thank you for making a difference! ❤️🥰 Don’t ever quit being yourself. You’re a true blessing!

    Sarah RelfordSarah RelfordOy oldin
  • You are my favorite UZworldr

    Lilly RosamondLilly RosamondOy oldin
  • Hey Brian. Love your channel. But please fix your audio. I got a crazy audio deep echo and it drive me crazy .

    Isabell StrandbergIsabell StrandbergOy oldin
  • Hey Brian happy birthday 🎂

    Joseph BolleJoseph BolleOy oldin
  • I’m thinking on getting a pie ball python any tips I could get on convincing my girlfriend on getting one

    HolliidHolliidOy oldin
  • Happy to see you are still making videos!

    Evan TorresEvan TorresOy oldin
  • Are ball pythons poisonous

    Brittany HazlettBrittany HazlettOy oldin
  • I love your videos they are amazing and I love what you do I look up to you about this stuff

    Aralyn WilfordAralyn WilfordOy oldin
  • Hello Brain I have garter snakes in my yard in Ohio.. I was wondering if it could make one of my Chihuahua sick or worse?

    Kayla ColegroveKayla ColegroveOy oldin
  • Ima need a banana Lori playlist B lol

    Nicholas ArevaloNicholas ArevaloOy oldin
  • Brian: "Is there anything more incredible than a pied ball python?" Kevin McCurly: "Can I interest you in a pied retic?" 😂

    Littlewings 85Littlewings 85Oy oldin
  • Brian do you have panda pide

    arsenio calindasarsenio calindasOy oldin
  • You are so fuckin baked i stg😂😂

    Jan KolaciaJan KolaciaOy oldin
  • Hey brain I have a question about my ball python can you please message me on fb message

    April GriffithApril GriffithOy oldin
  • 😍😍😍😍😍😍💖💖💖💖💖💖💜💜💜😊😊😊😊😊😊😘

    Gwen 13Gwen 13Oy oldin
  • !! Sexy music 😮😮😮😶😶😶😶😶😶😶 🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾

    WolfLion XTigerBunnyWolfLion XTigerBunnyOy oldin
  • i remember when his son sat in the cooler or something for 24 hours 😂 loved this channel sonce day 1 !

    Allison CorbinAllison CorbinOy oldin
  • Omg! Beautiful snakes!!

    ninjagirl2006ninjagirl2006Oy oldin
  • brian were is your zoo

    Jesse MaldonadoJesse MaldonadoOy oldin
  • Hi Brian I have a pet lion u know

    Tap gaming 66Tap gaming 66Oy oldin
  • Unboxing inception 😊

    BLAR_REPTILES NonabaumgardnerBLAR_REPTILES NonabaumgardnerOy oldin
  • Hii love your videos can you do some more gecos videos because i love lizzards and gegos :)

    Reda EidukaitienėReda EidukaitienėOy oldin
  • uzworld.info/player/video/qKmShqyrp661c5Y

    Sss_goldnluccySss_goldnluccyOy oldin
  • Hi Brian! A little bit off topic but I am trying to convince my mom to let me get a corn snake, and I want to name it Baby Yoda, so I want a green one, I can’t find a single picture or video of a green corn snake. Are there green corn snakes?

    Lincoln PlaysLincoln PlaysOy oldin
  • I have been having a rough time lately with anxiety and depression 😞 and seeing you getting better is helping me.

    Tonina JohnsonTonina JohnsonOy oldin
  • Hey when you unbox don’t you remember to take out the clippers?????

    evelyn berkeyevelyn berkeyOy oldin
  • I love snakesI wish I had one but I live in New Brunswick

    Brittany McMillanBrittany McMillanOy oldin
  • Can you breed Two totally different snake species?

    Amber TownsendAmber TownsendOy oldin
  • Pk

    Cindy HazeltonCindy HazeltonOy oldin
  • I do beleave it is very normal for younger smaller anacondas to climb to escape predators and feel safer up there, then once they get digger and heavier then they kinda stop climing.

    Victoria BombardVictoria BombardOy oldin
  • Brian you Rock

    Grace ClarkGrace ClarkOy oldin
  • I don’t get the Lori ball. Nothing special to me...

    Danny MazeskiDanny MazeskiOy oldin
  • So do yall sell the ball pythons ? If so I’m interested in getting another one

    NZDI ツNZDI ツOy oldin
  • Please brain I listen to your talk show please down swim with the alligator nor let any kids! Insurance purpose or law suit if something bad happens!

    MamaEagleBearMamaEagleBearOy oldin
  • Brian , this is off the subject of this video but florida is haveing a issue with a new law. My question is kenan at kamp kennan has princcess buttercup and he is saying if this law takes over he will have to put her down but he is friends with chandler so i was wonderkng if you have herd anything about this and if you could help them with fish and wildlife there.

    Adam WoodsAdam WoodsOy oldin
  • Sorry Brian but I have to disagree on the piebald snakes.. just love the albino, cinnamon, black pastel & Super Lori balls a LOT

    YogiSipYogiSipOy oldin
  • Have you seen the (wild) anaconda "breeding ball" video? The look on the female anaconda is priceless!

    Krisandra SkinnerKrisandra SkinnerOy oldin
  • This was my FAVORITE egg cutting!!! I LOVE how you showed the babies out of the egg after you cut them!!! 💚

    Casey ChambersCasey ChambersOy oldin
  • Love the back to the future clip! I have a tela model 3 with 121JWTS on the licence plate. I enjoyed the way that you showed the cutting and the then after the had come out all in the same video. I think that could be helpful for people to see what all the genes that you are talking about really look like. Plus, this way when you get super excited about a certain snake we can all really see the snake too. Because you don't always go back to some clutches. Thanks for everything. Oh, I did push my problems aside for your video and an hour or so later so far so we'll see how long I can keep them away today.

    Lisa DeGraafLisa DeGraafOy oldin
  • Just me or have we not seen Lucy for like a year

    Blake WoolleyBlake WoolleyOy oldin
  • Omg! There is a mustache pied. It is sooo cute.

    MommaGiaXxMommaGiaXxOy oldin
  • maybe invest in a lanyard for them so you can keep them on your belt loops haha

    Kevin RejkoKevin RejkoOy oldin
  • I want your shirt Brian - Save the chubby unicorns. I live in Queensland Australia, where can I buy one please

    Michelle BastinMichelle BastinOy oldin
  • Wow Brian they r beautiful

    Catherine KamoenCatherine KamoenOy oldin
  • Can you do an update on the barneys?

    Ashlee McdanielAshlee McdanielOy oldin
  • heeyy Brian what was the name of your snake game again lol i no it was a tycoon game haha and love the videos as all ways keep it up

  • Are there any pied boa constrictors with blue eyes or pied ball pythons with blue eyes. Dying to get either as my first snake

    Paul. C CanavanPaul. C CanavanOy oldin
  • I keep wondering how is Satan doing? And I wrote a comment in previous videos but for some reason I can't find a response to it or the comment itself... confused

    Paul. C CanavanPaul. C CanavanOy oldin
  • Hi Brian

    Mitchell DavisMitchell DavisOy oldin
  • Hi Brian. Love your video always. What happen to Eric? Or did I miss something

    Moto kolaMoto kolaOy oldin
  • More snake eggs please! How is snake Lucy doing? Have you made any super loris yet? #babysnake

    Karishma MUNGALCHEDKarishma MUNGALCHEDOy oldin
  • Please show the babies better so we can actually see what you do. No offense please. Just a suggestion. Love all your blogs thanks Brian.

    Shirley LeatonShirley LeatonOy oldin
  • Hi I am a new follower and I am really like box Tortola

    Leo BloodgoodLeo BloodgoodOy oldin
  • I need more Lori in my life! More Lori pythons and more Lori cameos!

    RaugnaRaugnaOy oldin
  • It's almost like opening the eggs is starting to become an addiction for Bryan in a gambling sense, wanting to get a "rare" item (snake). No offence to Bryan personally because I really enjoy watching his videos and his personality, this was just an observation.

    Jarrod CahoonJarrod CahoonOy oldin
  • @Brian Barczyk, tbh, I HAD No CLUE that you had a recent surgery, as i just FOUNd out rn, I am Hope & SURE youre ok, stay Safe fellow!!

    Shiv PatelShiv PatelOy oldin
  • Where has your son and wife been and all your employees? It's not like I have seen them very much lately it seems like

    liza kelliza kelOy oldin

    Miguelon :)Miguelon :)Oy oldin
  • Brian, can you help me?

    DoggoDoggoOy oldin
  • We need Loris ..............👍🙏💕

    Gramma MosesGramma MosesOy oldin
  • Is anyone else wondering what could hatch if Brian bred a Super Lori Leopard and the Banana Lori Cinny together?

    Fina PatelFina PatelOy oldin
  • I really like how you did the egg cutting then showed them out if the eggs.

    Johnny ChavezJohnny ChavezOy oldin
  • Lol Lori is hilarious the way she just grabbed the scissors when you said you could cut five at once.

    Jed mcC jJed mcC jOy oldin
  • Hay Brian your such an amazing dude. I really hope to meet you someday. I really look up to you in so many different ways man you don’t even know. Much love to you and the family ✌️

    Wyatt HomerWyatt HomerOy oldin
  • You are one of the most positive positive dudes I ran across. I don't know much about snakes, more of a fish dude, but you've educated me so much and I appreciate it.

    thane wthane wOy oldin
  • Have you ever thought about getting a dwarf crocodile .

    Crochet ChickCrochet ChickOy oldin
  • the banana lori's are beautiful! I have to say though, my favorite so far is the super lori leopard.

    Christina KiefferChristina KiefferOy oldin
  • I want that banana. ❤️

    Matthew BoothMatthew BoothOy oldin
  • Brian looks like he’s lost a lot of weight!

    JoshJoshOy oldin
  • Wash out

    Destroyer YtDestroyer YtOy oldin
  • Okay now I want to see a banana cini Lori Pied

    CurisityKilledTheCat NoneCurisityKilledTheCat NoneOy oldin
  • Hey this is me caleb I’m on my moms phone and if you Remember we were from kentucky and we came 8 hours to come and i as all ways love you and your channel your a awesome keep up the good work and i have now subscribe cases when i did it when i was in misagin i tried millions of times to sudscride but at least i like your videos and today i like your video is that you just posted today and if don’t remember me well i think you can remeder this i was pooped on by one of your geckos and it was funny and yes i love you and your channel l and evrey thing and it was really made my hole life even better and that i also said i said I've been going threw some anxiety any like you i thought that was a dig connection and you said to me o read some anxiety verses in the bible and you said also that you would pray for me and i would pray for you and yes i will definitely that you so much i love you so much and mabey will talk some other time and love by

    Angie TomesAngie TomesOy oldin
  • Wow those snakes are gorgeous :o

    Ana PadillaAna PadillaOy oldin
  • All u have to do to find anacondas in the wild, is go to Florida. No need to travel outside the us, thanks to the reptile trade.

    Todd mTodd mOy oldin
  • Why are you keep doing egg video I want to see more monitor videos does were the best but now they are mostly eggs and snake 😭

    David CalderonDavid CalderonOy oldin
  • Me over here making sure no one thinks he is cutting the baby snake: 👁👄👁

    Raygan RakestrawRaygan RakestrawOy oldin
  • I love the Banana Lori Cini so gorgeous

    JenJenAnimal&MusicLverJenJenAnimal&MusicLverOy oldin
  • Can you do a video sometime where you talk about single gene animals? For example: this is what a Lori is. This is a connie, etc. and it explain what makes what, please?

    Jenni SherwoodJenni SherwoodOy oldin
  • Did the banana seni Lori have orange spots?

  • Love love LOVE that you showed the babies after hatching. I always wonder what they look like and often can’t find them in later videos- especially the super world’s first babies! Can you do that more often please?!!

    Bethany L. DouglasBethany L. DouglasOy oldin
  • Love the talk about the reptiles FELL ASLEEP when the 5 billionth egg cutting and python clips came where are the tarantulas lizards and tortoises at??

    James Burton-CarterJames Burton-CarterOy oldin
  • Love your videos Brian you inspired me to get a Argentine black and white tegu and a rainbow Jackson’s chameleon and you help me put on a smile everyday your the best at the reptile game and don’t let any of the hate get to you cause you have a lot of supporters too😀👍

    Shane ArnoldShane ArnoldOy oldin
  • Danger noodle gang! \_(*•*)_/

    That Spy’s A SpyThat Spy’s A SpyOy oldin
  • *HEY BRIAN!* Titan the retic was always one of my favorite snakes of yours. Is he still around? If so, could you please show him on the vlog? It would mean so much to me. Thank you! P.S. I'm going to keep commenting this on every video until I find out about my baby Titan. Lol. I remember Kelsey loved him too. Also, thank you so much for sharing your experience with anxiety and mental health. I've also struggled with anxiety, depression, and to make things way worse, a bad opiate addiction(though I've been clean for about 8 years now. Still don't feel normal though.) A couple years ago out of nowhere in the middle of the night, I had this horribly uncomfortable feeling in my muscles, and couldn't sleep. I felt like I had to move around, or do push ups and flex all my muscles to make them go numb. As the day went on, I went to work(II used to do lawn care (fertilizer, pesticide stuff, weddings, stiff like that), and I just kept feeling worse and worse as time went on. I started feeling out of it, light headed, dizzy, almost like I might pass out(in the past I would have panic attacks where I would eventually pass out if I didn't sit down, but this was very different.) I ended up going to the ER, thinking it was low blood sugar or something, but they couldn't find anything wrong with me(they offered a 1mg ativan(anti-anxiety medication) but I didn't think that would help me, as I had no reason to think it was anxiety related, because I didn't FEEL anxious.) I ended up going to about 8 different doctors, and none could find anything wrong me me. I couldn't work(especially because my job was so physically demanding, and strangely, the more I moved around, even just walking up stairs, the worse I would feel, and I would get extremely hot, start sweati g like crazy, and just make that extremely uncomfortable feeling even worse. It got so bad(especially at night when it prevented me from sleeping) that all I could think about was suicide(which I have a history with, as do my mom and dad.) Anyways, eventually my psychiatrist recommended I try taking anxiety medication(which I refused to do for like 3 months, because A., I wasn't sure it was anxiety, and B., I didn't want to get "stuck" on those meds, especially with my history of addiction, nor did I want to make things worse if it was anxiety(which benzodiazepines can do.) Eventually, I couldn't stand it anymore, and tried the meds. I only wanted to do a low dose, but it did help a little bit, which is how I eventually became certain that it was anxiety that was causing these physical symptoms. Every day is still a struggle, but the first thing I do every day(as I've done for years) is watch your vlog. You have such a great passion, drive, work ethic, empathy, etc. that is so inspiring, especially given what you're going through. I know you are going to make it out of this, just like you did last time. I truly believe if anyone can do it, it is you, as you are working so hard at it, as opposed those who(sadly, I am one of) just "hope" it will get better. Obviously, that's not how it works. It's the same thing with weight loss(which im also struggling with now thanks to sitting on my ads all day, eating a lot of take out because I'm too lazy to cook, and not excersizing because(like I said before) moving around makes me feel so much worse, and excersize just makes me feel horrible(despite it being exactly what I need mentally and physically.) I did recently sign up for a large, Olympic sized pool where I can swim laps(which I think will help with the sweating, and the feeling of getting super hot when I just climb a set of stairs), which my psychiatrist recommended, as it's something he does himself, and you can even get a sort of "runners high" from it. I also think it's a good thing(you should check it out), because I also love the water(I used to love scuba diving before this happened), and I've noticed that when scuba diving, or snorkeling, or even just swimming, that while you're doing it you don't feel like you're excersizing that much, or putting in too much energy, but when you get out, you often feel like you just did an intense workout. Wow. Sorry for the ridiculously long rant. Lol. Anyways, wish you the best. And fill us in on Titan!!!

    Mockturtlesoup1Mockturtlesoup1Oy oldin
  • Hi Brian, I would like to get one of your snakes, how can I contact you?

    Luis RTLuis RTOy oldin
  • Wow - I loved that you showed the snakes right after cutting to what they looked like fully hatched! Please make that a normal thing! I love seeing what they look like fully hatched. Normally before when you showed them days later, I forgot how exciting it was to want to see it.

    Water MouseWater MouseOy oldin
  • Hi Brian, I would like to get one of your snakes, how can I contact you?

    Luis RTLuis RTOy oldin
  • Next year you should try for an Orange dream Laurie

    Crosh nickCrosh nickOy oldin
  • bryan not sure if u watch or even know of deermeatfordinner but this is a link to todays video he is from florida but is where i KNOW U would like to B pretty sure he filmed one of FORESTS monitors that u just got forgot its name but watch this vid ya never know it could lead U to them islands...:) uzworld.info/player/video/np63ka-AfM-vm54

    greg szyszkagreg szyszkaOy oldin
  • I didn’t see if ya hit those sunsets , I take it that is a negative ? , I was really freaking hoping for ya , I bought an import and if this is a gene and a visual Het , I can’t wait to see her prove out cause shyt she’s fire red and orange already , should be something awesome 👍🏻🦾 I knew Lori Gene has major potential since two years ago when I first seen it , reminds me of something like yellow belly just not that visual til ya put it to something else and wham!!!

    Ray Raz ReptileRay Raz ReptileOy oldin
  • Question, why cut the eggs? Why not wait till they hatch on their own? I know you say you’ve never injured one cutting them but it sure looks like you’re taking an unnecessary risk that just waiting another 2-3 days could prevent.

    Ninnas babies nurseryNinnas babies nurseryOy oldin
  • What did you think of that guy getting ate by a anaconda? Not sure if you saw it 🤔 but I think that's just wrong 😡

    Sandra RodriguezSandra RodriguezOy oldin
  • I bet that they would be pretty cool with that black light you played with.

    Sandra RodriguezSandra RodriguezOy oldin
  • Happy day ya'll. Hope ya'll having a wonderful day Love watching every blog. Ya'll are so awesome ❤❤😍😍

    Sandra RodriguezSandra RodriguezOy oldin

    Ashley HallAshley HallOy oldin
  • Is it just me, or does the Super Lori look like a Snow Leopard with the spotting and colouring? Maybe in the future the names can be a "Super Lori Snow Leopard"? or is a Snow Leopard already in a snake category of breed?

    HokoriKoumori 12HokoriKoumori 12Oy oldin
  • Awesome!!!!!

    Donna Jo’s Creative LifeDonna Jo’s Creative LifeOy oldin