11-Sen, 2020
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About Brian Barczyk:
Hey, I'm Brian Barczyk from SnakeBytesTV, AnimalBytesTV and Discovery channel's series Venom Hunters. Follow the Barczyk family and I as we share our lives as reptile breeders. We post daily vlogs each day at 9:00 AM (EST)! We are reptile breeders of snakes, geckos, blue-tongued skinks as well as all other animals. I also travel around the world doing amazing animal adventures. As far as snakes I breed corn snakes, milk snakes, king snakes, rat snakes, Ball pythons, Sand boas, Woma Pythons, Spotted Pythons, Children's pythons, Carpet pythons and more! Besides breeding, I have two dogs, Burmese pythons, Reticulated pythons, Tortoises, Lizards and an American alligator. Thank you for watching and don’t forget to check out my vlogs to go around the world with me!!
Brian Barczyk

  • Good Morning and happy Friday! I was so excited about this table and the addition to the Podcast room.. Things are moving along quickly and I think we will bee done within a week or so! Can't wait to get back in our normal setting and start banging out some fun podcasts! We have a bunch of fun guests lined up and its going to be awesome! Show my friends some love for their help with the table! I need to order a wand from them! I love Harry Potter and they make some amazing wands! For today I will be working my butt off with some animal work, painting the podcast rooms and maybe even starting on the rock walls in there? Awe are also opened tonight at the Reptarium, so that is always a lot of fun! Been feeling much batter lately and continuing to improve. Its not always perfect, but much better. Again, I want to inspire others that are suffering during these times to much through. Like I mentioned I want to dedicate an "extra" video soon to share how my journey has been and what I have done to improve. Wishing you all an amazing day! Be positive and cheerful today! Love you all! Brian

    Brian BarczykBrian BarczykOy oldin
    • @Brian Barczyk hi

      Gina YorkGina York13 kun oldin
    • FYI dont change your day for the audience I watch to see what your day is like dont worry about what i might be thinking

      D CD C25 kun oldin
    • Could we see another spa day with the animals and how about an update on Lucy's babies, what's going on with them? Do you still have a few, where did some go? Could you follow up with one or two of the folks that bought them?

      Natalia Prado-OviedoNatalia Prado-OviedoOy oldin
    • forget those people egg cutting is the best :)

      Jamie WinfreeJamie WinfreeOy oldin
    • Hi could you give me a call I want to purchase a snake I have questions 740 5647349

      Kelynn GentryKelynn GentryOy oldin
  • I like watching ball pythons I started watching you a while ago and have been wanting to get a ball python I have been studying and wanna make sure I know what I’m doing so i like your ball pythons and everything 👍👍👍

    Nicholas SungaNicholas Sunga13 kun oldin
  • I think your videos are perfect. I would love to see the tarantulas more often though!

    Chelcie ForresterChelcie Forrester20 kun oldin
  • That is a beautiful table!!!

    Aralos NAralos N27 kun oldin
  • Would be nice if u can have a guide to how to set up ur house for reptile.. Or what tips is needed to know when u have a reptile at home.. Like if u have spider, snakes, lizards or etc... And also how to handle ot train an aggressive snake.. Cos many people when the snakes gets aggressive they just throw to the wild.

    Sandrian TanSandrian Tan27 kun oldin
  • please don't stop cutting eggs

    TxdukklrTxdukklr28 kun oldin
  • I love egg cutting. I do have to say I expected a lot more out of the table, my personal thought is it is a run of the mill dining table. It's a very nice piece just not what I would have expected

    Nicole-real mom lifeNicole-real mom life29 kun oldin
  • Honestly egg cutting Is my favorite content on all my reptile channels

    hallie harveyhallie harvey29 kun oldin
  • I could never get tired of anything you do, you are amazing! If one day you had time to do some leopard gecko stuff that would be cool...thanks!!

    Jeff PorterJeff PorterOy oldin
  • Can you do some feeding videos

    The godly NoobThe godly NoobOy oldin
  • I've always wanted to get a snake caude I love snakes I catch wild snakes alot just to learn more about them and your channel has helped alot one day I wanna come see yall

    Hunter ManhartHunter ManhartOy oldin
  • It would be great to have a video that shows what everything means, Ex Pastal, hep for..., clown)

    Kimberly MasseyKimberly MasseyOy oldin
  • Honestly the egg cutting is why I watch. No offense but some of the other stuff gets old egg cutting always exciting.

    William KnittelWilliam KnittelOy oldin
  • Please leave the camera focused on the snakes and quit flipping to your face. I already know what you look like but the patterns on the snakes are so busy it takes longer to get a sense of what I am seeing.

    Janice RailtonJanice RailtonOy oldin
  • Table is Sick!! 💗🙌🏼

    Sara BenchSara BenchOy oldin
  • Not tired of egg cutting, I always love all your content, Seeing how passionate you are about it makes it exciting, keep up the great work!!

    Sara BenchSara BenchOy oldin
  • You guys never bore me! ❤️❤️❤️👍🏼

    Lynne SmithLynne SmithOy oldin
  • egg cutting, babies, snakes and all about reptiles you all have

    Magdalena StaniewskaMagdalena StaniewskaOy oldin
  • love the egg cutting but i also just discovered ur channel im really enjoying everything you do

    Kevin NagleKevin NagleOy oldin
  • Maybe you can make a touch tank

    NiTro ClanNiTro ClanOy oldin
  • Love egg cutting!!! I want to learn more about how I care for a python in my home so it is healthy and stimulated mentally. I try to learn it all but I think home care can be a little different then the breeding .

    Danette FischerDanette FischerOy oldin
  • I love egg cutting but would like to see how to tame snakes if there aggressive or constantly striking but calm after you handle them after a few minutes

    Darryn RileyDarryn RileyOy oldin
  • How is RJ doing? I miss seeing him in the vlog.

    Carly TillerCarly TillerOy oldin
  • Watching your videos just help my mood so much. Brings some light into my life, especially now. I lost my emotional support companion (Gargolye Gecko) suddenly last late Sunday after coming home from a late flight, and its been hard the last few days coping without my (now & true) scaled shoulder angel. She was a rescue from a very poor situation to where I had to get her on the correct diet & show her (and myself) that it was going to be okay. I had her in my life for almost 4 yrs, and our bond was deeply rooted. She was the embodiment of love & support for me during my hard times (anxiety, depression, etc), kind of how Ivy & your reptiles are for you. She just, knew how to read me, how to make me feel better when my days were rough by darting & staying upon my shoulder. If that didnt work, she’d continually climb to the top of my head until I laughed. She’s irreplaceable, and always will have a sacred place in my heart because she impacted my life so much. Sorry for this long comment, but I felt like opening up as you are always so transparent with your viewers. Your videos have helped me a bit as I ponder on her & I’s happy memories while I mourn & await her ashes. Keep doing what you do, keep spreading your positivity to everyone who needs it & thank you for just being you.

    Autumn LatusAutumn LatusOy oldin
  • You are perfect the way you make your videos every day do not change. I love snakes and I love watching you cut open snake eggs and feed snakes. I just love watching your videos all together so do not change but I would like to follow one of the workers around to see their every day duties I think that would be really cool

    Summer JamisonSummer JamisonOy oldin
  • More about some lizards would keep me interested 😁

    ashley foxashley foxOy oldin
  • KMS Custom Woodcraft, great work!

    Super SatanskiSuper SatanskiOy oldin
  • I’m not tired of the snake cutting or baby snakes!!!

    Francesca BFrancesca BOy oldin
  • I could never get sick of egg cutting !

    David JrDavid JrOy oldin
  • I live for the eggs and the babies and the baby updates!

    crystal raffonecrystal raffoneOy oldin
  • Cutting eggs IS SO COOL. Jeffrey was an excellent opener. Gorgeous patterning. Thank you for all your hard work on the vlog.

    Amy the little farmerAmy the little farmerOy oldin

    SofiSofiOy oldin
  • I love watching things that scares me and gets me up all night

    jrm B.Y.Ujrm B.Y.UOy oldin
  • Maybe if you show the different snakes and their genes and explain sum, kinda of teaching people(beginners )about snakes. Or just do whatever you find interesting/fun. I come here to see you and whatever you’re tackling next.

    M GlizzyM GlizzyOy oldin
  • what happened to Erik

    rayhaan301rayhaan301Oy oldin
  • You need make another collaboration with Jay from Prehistoric pets 😉

    victor lopezvictor lopezOy oldin
  • Bryan, I love everything you and the Scooby gang do. Nothing is boring to me. I love going on the journey with you and everyone everyday. I have been watching for 4 years so I love everything. Don’t change a thing

    Heather StanleyHeather StanleyOy oldin
  • Lori's workout & diet, b!

    Eric PurnomoEric PurnomoOy oldin
  • Dude every video is amazing. And my brother needs your help. I believe he has msged you . Please respond. Keep on keeping on man.

    Coast2Coast RCCoast2Coast RCOy oldin
  • Honestly I would like some more mental health talk. But i love the egg jingles, cutting, hatching i LOVE your vlog the way you do it :) thank you.

    Danielle WiningerDanielle WiningerOy oldin
  • How could anyone get bored with anything to do with reptiles!Love it!!

    L WallaceL WallaceOy oldin
  • First

    Adley AngelidiAdley AngelidiOy oldin
  • I love snakes and lizards I'm getting a baby ball python my mum does not know that it's going to come to my house she thinks that it is staying at my friends who are giving it to 10. I'm also getting a bearded dragon then a leaked gecko. I really want to come to the repteriam but I live in Australia not America

    Bethany LearmonthBethany LearmonthOy oldin
  • This guys work is awsome wow

    KarolKarolOy oldin
  • That table is freaking amazing!! You need some beautiful coasters for it now so you dont get rings lolol. Where's Noah? Is he still around? Havent seen him in a while.

    Shannon KohlerShannon KohlerOy oldin
  • I didn’t think your videos were repetitive, I enjoy them. 😊

    amanda brandensteinamanda brandensteinOy oldin
  • Looks like a surfer table! 😎Awesome!

    Sk84life XstepSk84life XstepOy oldin
  • Egg cutting is what got me interested ✌🏻😉 thank you for your time and compassion.. 😲 that table is AMAZING 👏 😍 🙌 🤘🏻

    Annie NAnnie NOy oldin
  • I think it would be cool if you could build up have a 2nd floor filled with more animals. Definitely a good way to expand the reptarium. :)

    Luna MothQueenLuna MothQueenOy oldin
  • What morph is Jeffrey can anyone tell me

    cillian williamsoncillian williamsonOy oldin
  • You need to put the table lucy skin more beauty

  • The table is absolutely amazing! The blues throughout the table make the wood look like snake scales! I wish I lived in the States so I could get myself one of their tables! Australia is a little too far away. Happy belated birthday Brian! Thank you for all the positivity and for sharing your love of reptiles. You are a true inspiration. Sending good vibes from Aus!

    Kristel RoxasKristel RoxasOy oldin
  • I love it! Keep up the work on the podcast room! =)

    KunaiKevlinKunaiKevlinOy oldin
  • Need more chameleon videos!!!!!

    Carlos ChavezCarlos ChavezOy oldin
  • Chameleon!!!!!

    Carlos ChavezCarlos ChavezOy oldin
  • Cut eggs all day it’s seasonal anyway, so there’ll be a big period with no egg cutting. Some people are annoying with the complaining.

    Chris SerraChris SerraOy oldin
  • I'm going to give you this with love Brian and like all things in life you can take it or leave it. Your not much for taking advice on feeding your animals pigs and whom knows how far your open mind goes but you and your maker.. right? You came on crying talking about your anxiety and your episode 15 years ago. Good form..takes allot to do that in public and yet there is those like me that understand. Many have been through much and nobody can be self righteous. You was just fine until the plandemic was spread from the chem trail planes...oops! Rabbit hole stuff that would only increase your anxiety and tears.... brother. You and others worked your asses off to get things done and then months of... nothing. Could have bought Lori several Nice pairs of shoes and dresses to show just how lovely she is. Now look at yourself. I'm going to give some of that free advice wether you want it or apply it or the pork.😊 Number one...find God...not religion... God. Like so many I gave up on a God and just accepted the fact that we came from apes and one day the sun would kill us so fuck it let's live it up!! Was wrong and it took facing death over and over for years to finally see and hear what was trying to help my stubborn and sick ass. Where did I find our father? " Our Father?" On my knees crying in snot like a pitiful child willing to finally take humility and chastisement for my stupid shit and learn the truth. Found him there and so far no weapons forged have prospered. None. Second no alcohol. As is written..." Prophesy to them more beer and they will love you for it." I'm sure. However it was meant to indicate it's harm. It causes harm ... period. After 25 years of it I know. It's liquid idiot. Third if you smoke cannabis realize what most do not and that is that it is cut to early by nearly everyone that grows it and this can cause some brain negative symptoms like paranoid and can increase anxiety instead of helping it. If grown and ripened proper it cures mental illnesses. As I grow it properly and understand this. Fourth clean up your diet you are a temple and you need to keep your house in order or your mental and physical health will kill you early like those pigs will kill those snakes early like people. You eat good clean food and your mind will clear up and you will be sharp as a tack. Eat hemp and slow aging to a crawl and stay virile as a teenager and applys to women as well. Just like I feed my prey items hemp for three weeks to loose their fat and become super healthy for the snakes that makes the snakes super healthy and active. Five get back in the gym like you was. Six years ago you still looked like a cute blonde chick and now a beaten up old man.❤️ Lori has bigger arms than you and you need to take care of yourself so another man does not feel them while worms are eating you my brother. Six...keep laughing. hell with others opinions and haters they are meaningless and may their hearts become flesh again. Eight get healthy with Lori and get an active sex life. Yes indeed ole " sex " with ones true love is still the best medicine and you both need a daily dose. Lori is a sister to my wife and I can't keep my hands off so do the same and remember whom the jungle man is baby. Nine break away from it. Those are reptilians not puppies and need not your attention and already have picked up on your weak energy and they don't like it. They want Daddy back. Break away...find some quiet.....go visit the brethrens and you guys stop worrying over the cabals plague and horse shit for Father will handle them soon enough. Ten.....keep living the dream for this to shall pass and one day our wives whom are old souls and star seeds like us will weep while me and you hold the titanoboa. ❤️💃Out of great pressure comes the 💎 💍

    John JohnsonJohn JohnsonOy oldin
  • animals poeple dont know and animal hybrid

    tammie quinntammie quinnOy oldin
  • Try to take out each animal and tell us the viewers more about the species

    King GordoKing GordoOy oldin
  • Hi Brian - maybe take one or two animals at a time and go in-depth about their specific breed, temperament, etc. something to let people who don’t know or looking for something- snake, lizards, etc.

    kimberly nancekimberly nanceOy oldin
  • And for educational purposes. Can you teach us the difference in the markens. To show us how you identified the difference

    Sidney MackSidney MackOy oldin
  • I really wanna see the babies after their first shed. Like their true colors. And I really would love to buy a super lori from you. Or a regular super lori.

    Sidney MackSidney MackOy oldin
  • 1 of 75

    Here Right NowHere Right NowOy oldin
  • I prefer the repetition over the crying lol

    Co-Win *Co-Win *Oy oldin
  • Also now that I’m thinking about it, I’d really like to see the babies in the days and weeks after they are cut. Thanks man ❤️❤️

    Trent MareciTrent MareciOy oldin
  • I would so love it if you would go through each and every one of the snakes down in basement and bhb

    Nature BurkhardtNature BurkhardtOy oldin
  • I love watching the egg cutting videos and the follow up ones after the first shed

    Lynn VeenstraLynn VeenstraOy oldin
  • Man, screw what anybody says. I bought a couple cornsnakes recently and stumbled upon you while trying to learn about snakes. You are tremendously helpful. I watch you every day now. You do make my day awesome. You’re amazing, do you, don’t stop. I love seeing how happy you get. It’s nice to see a real person. You give people a dream ❤️

    Trent MareciTrent MareciOy oldin
  • I LOVE THE UPDATES ON IVY AND EARY!!!! sorry if i spelled eary's name wrong lol

    LittleFoxyPlayzLyricsYTLittleFoxyPlayzLyricsYTOy oldin
  • I have no bad things to say about the vlogs! From day 1 to current my favorite it egg cutting

    M PdaughertyM PdaughertyOy oldin
  • I’d like to see habitat setup and explanations for selecting materials

    Amanda FoxAmanda FoxOy oldin
  • Brian... just keep doing what you love! I honestly think your passion for what you do is what keeps me and my family engaged to the vlog! Setting up a trip to The Reptarium soon!!!

    Erin PassarettiErin PassarettiOy oldin
  • I love you brian I also love the animals you work with

    Aubrey HannigAubrey HannigOy oldin
  • I personally never was able to have snakes as a kid even though that was what I wanted more than anything I would like to see more lizard and frogs

    Noah MellingerNoah MellingerOy oldin
  • Super cool table and can't wait to see the room finished. It's going to be awesome for sure.

    Silver StreakSilver StreakOy oldin
  • How can I buy one of your snakes

    Kelynn GentryKelynn GentryOy oldin
  • Get more tortoises!!!

    Nickolai CurtisNickolai CurtisOy oldin
  • I’m so excited to see the future for you guys

    Music CrazeMusic CrazeOy oldin
  • Never bored with egg cutting! Like little surprises in each one.

    S LS LOy oldin
  • The table could have had more background but it looks nice

    Jay RoblesJay RoblesOy oldin
  • Jeffrey has such a beautiful pattern! I enjoy the egg cutting and I love Elvis etc. I’d like to see more of the other lizards. You HAVE TO add a complimenting colour pallet to the room. That table is definitely the main feature of that room. That rocked that table!

    Susan ScovillSusan ScovillOy oldin
  • Can you show us all your reptiles in the Reptarium

    Paula CastonPaula CastonOy oldin
  • I absolutely love all your videos. Doesn’t matter what the content is. You would think if someone thought there was too much egg cutting they just wouldn’t watch that video. It’s really that simple. Love the table and congrats on your new room additions! ♥️

    Dawne SimsDawne SimsOy oldin
  • Egg cuttings are the best part of the vlogd

    Kevin KKevin KOy oldin
  • Can you breed salt

    Full BedpanFull BedpanOy oldin
  • I love watching background / behind the scenes stuff!! I love watching you interact with your own (pets?) ... trying to tame them more and what not!

    Random EclipseRandom EclipseOy oldin
  • Yes I agree that Dearing this time of year. The videos are mostly the same. I have to admit I find myself scrolling through new videos to “see something new or exciting” Side from egg cutting, egg time and updates on hatchlings. We love you and your videos. With the opening The Reptarium and the expansion as well as losing quite a few staff members as well as your anxiety not to mention The pandemic. That you have more of a Responsibility to stay in your area but what I really miss the most. Is your travels on the road. Going to different zoos, breeders, facilities, Herping. So mostly just that Your trips were the best. Can’t wait to see you On the road again. We love you your character and your content. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Darryl PayneDarryl PayneOy oldin
  • My opinion,so please no one take this personal. I understood that this vlog was supposed to be about Brians daily life.The exciting life he leads as the owner of BHB,the Reptarium and being the traveler and adventurer type. When you are cutting eggs and showing babies....thats what you do on a daily basis,so for me thats what its supposed to be. I understand you maybe asking an opinion occasionally,but I signed up to see just what we are seeing...your interesting day by day adventures......and for me the LIZARDS,lol

    Deedee MajerusDeedee MajerusOy oldin
  • I love egg cutting! Never bored

    Karion HawkinsKarion HawkinsOy oldin
  • Personally I love the egg cutting and babies. I feel just as excited as you because they have always interested me so much and it amazes me how something most of your life you thought would only look a certain way can be bred tk find all these amazing colors and patterns and the fact that there are still so many to discover just by mixing things around. However as far as additional content. I would love to see you take whole episodes to teach each the habitat, behavior, sizes, variety and so on of each animal in the reptarium. Show on a map where they come from. Maybe some pictures of what their natural environment is like, and then maybe how and what they would hunt in the wild and how they came into peoples collections today from the wild. I am aware this is a lot and a lot if extra work. And something you'd do more like on a TV discovery channel type thing but personally I think your personality and passion is what makes the channel and you may even need a whole other channel for it or during off seasons doing that. Anyway thats just my two cents. Keep up the amazing content!!

    Bert GilBert GilOy oldin
  • 👏👏👏👏✌️👍👍🤙👁👁

    Anikan GAnikan GOy oldin
  • Those pastel clowns 🔥

    kylee Rosekylee RoseOy oldin
  • Egg cutting never gets old, love seeing the amazing babies you produce! I enjoy all the content you have. Growing up, I couldn't have "typical" pets, so I've raised snakes and various other reptiles my entire life and to me, you live the dream!!!!!! Thank you for all of your videos!

    Kayleigh O'DayKayleigh O'DayOy oldin
  • You look so happy Brian !!😁❤❤

    Kris GarrisonKris GarrisonOy oldin
  • See you in 10 years when this randomly gets recommended to us all 👋😂

    Fr3sh WantedFr3sh WantedOy oldin

    LieSinLieSinOy oldin
  • Egg cutting is cool. It's like a box of chocolates you never know what your gonna get.

    Cody DavisCody DavisOy oldin
  • Never tired of baby snakes!! Hatching season is my favorite!!!!

    Amanda MerrillAmanda MerrillOy oldin
  • What?! I never get tired of egg cutting and baby snakes! I think each vlog has a bit of everyrhing. It's The Reptarium!

    Miss KacyMiss KacyOy oldin
  • Not so green Iguanas

    devin Somedevin SomeOy oldin