16-Okt, 2020
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About Brian Barczyk:
Hey, I'm Brian Barczyk from SnakeBytesTV, AnimalBytesTV and Discovery channel's series Venom Hunters. Follow the Barczyk family and I as we share our lives as reptile breeders. We post daily vlogs each day at 9:00 AM (EST)! We are reptile breeders of snakes, geckos, blue-tongued skinks as well as all other animals. I also travel around the world doing amazing animal adventures. As far as snakes I breed corn snakes, milk snakes, king snakes, rat snakes, Ball pythons, Sand boas, Woma Pythons, Spotted Pythons, Children's pythons, Carpet pythons and more! Besides breeding, I have two dogs, Burmese pythons, Reticulated pythons, Tortoises, Lizards and an American alligator. Thank you for watching and don’t forget to check out my vlogs to go around the world with me!!
Brian Barczyk

  • Good morning! Its Friday!!! Hope you have an amazing day and a fantastic weekend! We have MJ from MJ Exotics and Brian Kusko in this weekend! So tonight Noah and MJ will have a podcast with MJ and tomorrow it will be Brian Kusko, MJ and myself on aa special podcast! They will also be hanging at the Reptarium for those of you who want to meet them. Next weekend we have Will Nace in for aa podcast as well as hanging at the Reptarium too! So its fun to finally have visitors again! Also, hoping to have the sloth room finished by the end of next week and head to Florida to pick up Drogo! Then we are off on our cross country adventure! I'm excited and slightly nervous with all the things going on. But I know it will be amazing! Remember to follow your dreams people! Love you all so much! Brian

    Brian BarczykBrian Barczyk14 kun oldin
    • your vids always cheer me up thanks for all your great vids

      micah christiansenmicah christiansen11 kun oldin
    • hi sir im prom philipines my name is michael tagudin i love snake actualy i have snak and she is super tamed but she died

      wazupp TEAM YEYwazupp TEAM YEY13 kun oldin
    • Brian Barcyzk is fit as!!!!! 👅

      jane british bornjane british born13 kun oldin
    • Hey Brian... What happened to Matilda's door.?????

      gord kostykgord kostyk14 kun oldin
    • Hey um Brian I don’t want to be mean in all or anything I just want to know how old you and ur wife is (edit) the reason is cause you to are so AMAZING AND YOU ARE SO ACTIVE like I’m not even that active and I want to know not trying to be weird anything just curious AND is your sloth in were you keep all your snakes and other pets

      Cailyn RankinCailyn Rankin14 kun oldin
  • My snakes had bad diarrhea for a while now. Need help or advice on why and what to do!

    Brittany SawyerBrittany SawyerKun oldin
  • I love Lucy lol

    Megi GjoniMegi Gjoni2 kun oldin
  • Man you really do have the coolest snakes I've ever seen 😍

    milk manmilk man2 kun oldin
  • Is it ok to cut the eggs open like that?

    Code[Sixx] HDCode[Sixx] HD3 kun oldin
  • Awesome to see everything coming together for the good!😁😁😁💙💙💙👌🏾

    Rashodd VanRashodd Van4 kun oldin
  • I wouldnt take advise from you, you had a giant snake get mouth rot and die then try to get a different snake of the same species and play off the fact that you improperly care for your reptiles

    Lord DampNutLord DampNut4 kun oldin
  • Hey Brian I have 1 question. Do albinos have poor eyesight? I thougt that it was relatively the same as other snakes, but I heard a lot of controverse stories that I'm really confused right now..

    Reptiles lover KennyReptiles lover Kenny5 kun oldin
  • Woy

    Feby AndriantoFeby Andrianto6 kun oldin
  • 🐉

    stephen meadowsstephen meadows7 kun oldin
  • The father of reptile👍👍👍

    Black soldierBlack soldier8 kun oldin
  • I saw you tomorrow!

    Judy LlewellynJudy Llewellyn9 kun oldin
  • Brian can you do a video on the differences in a burmese python and a reticulated python??

    Christy In The CarolinasChristy In The Carolinas9 kun oldin
  • AMEN BRIAN !!! My largest snakes some at 15 feet require my attention constantly because they love to come out with me and I've always handled my snakes by myself because I can read them like a book and can predict their actions. The trick is always keep your arms between you and the snake so you can push the snake back away from your body if it gets startled and starts to constrict to protect itself out of instinct but I do have my own safety protocol after working with them for 59 years and we have a fantastic bond so I feel it depends on each individual's sense of responsibility !!

    1softkiss1softkiss9 kun oldin
  • Hallo guys and girls I want to get my fist ball python but was wondering if a female would attract wild males.

    Albie TerblancheAlbie Terblanche9 kun oldin
  • I love my E25 earbuds!!!

    Hollye DionneHollye Dionne10 kun oldin
  • Piebalds are probably one of my favorite morphs. I’m a bit of a minimalist haha

    cripticCrowcripticCrow11 kun oldin
  • You should breed western hognoses.. like the morphs you manage to get , the diversity is insane. That would be amazing as western hognoses are becoming huge in the hobby!!

    vanni101vanni10111 kun oldin
  • Looks like a prison for the Sloth. Never feeling sun light ... A dungeon.

    Disney ConnieDisney Connie12 kun oldin
  • Awesome video tip Brian!

    RT ReptilesRT Reptiles12 kun oldin
  • Hey Brian, I remember a while ago you did a video about how you were suffering with depression. I hope your doing well now and have found a way to cope with it. Could you please do an update video to let us all know what’s happening and if your ok. If you want to obviously. Thank you for all the amazing videos and all the amazing reptiles you show us every single video. God bless you.

    AngelinaAngelina12 kun oldin
  • You have the ability to make it awesome jungle Room tree top for the slot not a cave

    Lee HingstonLee Hingston13 kun oldin
  • No not more rock wall for a Slough Room once again they live in the trees and not a cave

    Lee HingstonLee Hingston13 kun oldin
  • Speaking of large snakes, check this article /video out!

    Dona ZanderDona Zander13 kun oldin
  • Awesome. Can't wait till you get Drago.

    Debbie ReynoldsDebbie Reynolds13 kun oldin
  • Thank you for the vlog! Your positivity is infectious and its always a wonderful addition to my day!♡

    Kaycee LeleKaycee Lele13 kun oldin
  • Hiya from spain, I was wondering if u could show the tree boa's going into the tree and how they curl up like they do. They look stunning in the tree but I've always wondered how they all wrap in the same way. X

    Julie ChristieJulie Christie13 kun oldin
  • sir your all snake is super beautifull i like that sir keef safe and god bless

    wazupp TEAM YEYwazupp TEAM YEY13 kun oldin
  • sir where are you prom

    wazupp TEAM YEYwazupp TEAM YEY13 kun oldin
  • I finally unsubscribed. Feels freeing.

    MyParentsBasementMyParentsBasement13 kun oldin
  • I think you're tips on caring for big snakes even regular snakes can and will help a lot of people as your experience is pretty much unmatched. Also it's interesting to hear regardless of what animals you own. STOKED for more wicked awesome remodeling, crazy how fast you get it done!!

    BassManBobBassCoversBassManBobBassCovers13 kun oldin
  • Love our burm to death, wouldn't change having her for anything 🐍🐍🇬🇧 she's 100% the best and nicest snake we keep to tbh

    PrehistoricReptilesPrehistoricReptiles13 kun oldin
  • Back in the 80s when I was much younger I had 2 burmese pythons, an indian python that I raised from a hatchling, a nice medium sized red tail columbian boa which do not get very large. I decided to get a regular reticulated python with normal coloring al though I was wary of this snake because it always hissed when I approached it but would calm down after a few minutes. One day I took it out of its enclosure in my kitchen and its head was at my waste when it suddenly tried to bite me in the face. Since it had its mouth wide open I ended up with teeth marks above and below my eye and a black eye from the strike. I dropped the snake and it ran under the dishwasher but I was able to get it out and put him back in his cage. I sold that snake a few weeks later. My burmese and indian pythons were always friendly especially the indian python. Then I got married and was down to the indian python as the burmese pythons got some kind of neurologicsl disorder and died. A few times we would wake up in the middle of the night to find the indian python crawling across our bed when it escaped from its cage. We kept it until it was 10 feet long my wife became pregnant and I sold it back to the shop where I bought it so he could breed her.

    Glenn McEnroeGlenn McEnroe13 kun oldin
  • In my opinion large reptiles should not be available to just anyone. Potential large reptiles owners should be required to get a certification to own said reptile. Too many unnecessary reptiles are killed because of the lack of education, reptile rescues because of lack of education. I didn't know that an iguana got 6ft.... well if you would have educated yourself about iguanas you would have known. Breaking news man dies from pet snake. Snake to be euthanized. If he would have been educated he would have had someone with him and they both would still be alive.

    Michael HagenMichael Hagen13 kun oldin
  • Hi sir , I want to know What kind of snake is this

    jade torresjade torres13 kun oldin
  • Good morning Brian from manila

    Dark AngelDark Angel13 kun oldin
  • Great video Brian!

    Ryan DRyan D13 kun oldin
  • Always awesome content never disappoints me love your passion with such nice but dangerous reptiles

    Devin WarfieeldDevin Warfieeld14 kun oldin
  • I had no idea you were in Michigan! My friend Rogan went there for his birthday

    Carter HeathCarter Heath14 kun oldin
  • That PVC worked out really good .Why not go even higher.

    John HalchishickJohn Halchishick14 kun oldin
  • Well, Brian knows how to do the Chicken dance lul , has proven here: 13:07 itsPY time 🕵️‍♂️! 7:19 NORMALITIES are not DEFIANTS, as I learned in sociology class, today!! Ill meet you after 24 hrs! (edit: I cant wait for TMR's Podcast to go live and just to let you know- you have double a's in your comment, Brian!) Hhmm, so from the Reptarium to Fl, it will be a Long 14 hr DRIVE/journey!!! good luck💚

    Shiv PatelShiv Patel14 kun oldin
  • Steve was mistaken for food by a retic. His mom saved the day.

    Tim CarrTim Carr14 kun oldin
  • Per FWC rules, there can't be any large snakes like anacondas or burms or retics as pets without a conditional permit for owning it since before july 2010. Breeding facilities being destroyed in a hurricane and irresponsible owners contributed to the burmese python plague down in south Florida.

    Tim2000Tim200014 kun oldin
    • That’s true in Florida but not in other states.

      Patricia BrownPatricia Brown14 kun oldin
  • Do you think you could find cost effective ways to eliminate plastic waste? Or switch to a biodegradable product for stuff you use as disposable?

    Dylan CrowDylan Crow14 kun oldin
  • I got realll scared when I saw the thumbnail😂

    The Reptile RoomThe Reptile Room14 kun oldin
  • Hey I always wanted a snake but my parents won't let me get a snake

    Dennis EssaDennis Essa14 kun oldin
  • Epic Brian cannot wait intilhe sloth room is finsih over the moon happy for you getting a sloth .. Drogo is amazing love the builds you do again thanks

    Michelle MorningstarMichelle Morningstar14 kun oldin
  • Whoa! Loris desk was covered I always knew you worked hard Lori but man it is true! Behind every successful man is a solid woman!

    Jude LoJude Lo14 kun oldin
  • Respect it, for it doesn't return the feelings!!!

    Larry Kelbaugh Jr.Larry Kelbaugh Jr.14 kun oldin
  • Kinda reminds me of the quote from Jurassic Park! "You can't suppress 50 million years of gut instinct"(I may have mistyped it)! But, it still applies!!! No matter how 'tame' the animal, it can still bite you!!! Weither it chooses to eat your remains is another matter entirely!!!

    Larry Kelbaugh Jr.Larry Kelbaugh Jr.14 kun oldin
  • Loving my pre bed Brian and Co fix!! I love that you can see Aires waving about in his enclosure in the background of the egg cutting 😂👋🏼🐍 How do you know how deep to cut the eggs? Have you ever knocked into a baby snake and caught them or does their egg goop protect them, I've always wondered 😊

    Anastasia TomanAnastasia Toman14 kun oldin

    Bella YbarraBella Ybarra14 kun oldin
  • The tree on the right side. It looks like a face

    Shannon LocklearShannon Locklear14 kun oldin
  • Wish i could have raycon E25, their so expensive :(

    Lucy WilkinsonLucy Wilkinson14 kun oldin
  • Looks great things are coming together

    Donald StaudtDonald Staudt14 kun oldin
  • raycon do not send to norway :(

    Renate Christin HegvikRenate Christin Hegvik14 kun oldin
  • Saw h

    Candace MullinsCandace Mullins14 kun oldin
  • I really want to get a pied ball python but the links in your descriptions don’t work for me I’m scared to use morph market I don’t want to get scammed

    •_.MissNoName._••_.MissNoName._•14 kun oldin
  • I also watch The royal constrictor and he displays young snakes on a tray table which really lets the viewer see the entire snake, compare colors and see them move. I think that type of display would add to viewer enjoyment for your videos also. Just a thought.

    Catherine DavisCatherine Davis14 kun oldin
  • Perfection.

    The Great Spino TitanThe Great Spino Titan14 kun oldin
  • Day 6 of asking to see the barney ball python

    _HALO__HALO_14 kun oldin
  • Me just here interested in the vid and watching it with my snake in my hand

    Jayden FialloJayden Fiallo14 kun oldin
  • Hey Brian. You’ll have room to hang all your pictures and framed art you received from your fans. Cool

    Jo-Anne CharetteJo-Anne Charette14 kun oldin
  • I love Brian's videos, but for me lately I've enjoyed more of the construction and project side of the Reptarium. Adds an extra layer to the vlogs which I enjoy !

    Mike AdduciMike Adduci14 kun oldin
  • Breed bearded dragon

    Raw ReptilesRaw Reptiles14 kun oldin
  • Brian Lucy and Daisy look beautiful! I so want a snake, a ball python. Thats all i can handle! When i do get one I'll buy it from you. I love your reptariam. Hope to visit you someday. Hope you have an amazing day and weekend as well! Love to you and the snakes!

    Kristen AmmanKristen Amman14 kun oldin
  • Damn bro the other side of the state has no green leaves on the trees at all, it's amazing the difference of 60 miles or so....

    Chris sChris s14 kun oldin
  • I never see carpet pythons on this channel

    Kėęgëlż LKėęgëlż L14 kun oldin
  • you are the beast bro, you need to be the the #1 youtuber, you should have a netflex chanel your the greatest of all your my favoret youtuber, sorry for the spelling, just want to tell you that your doing great and also send me a snake pleas, just kidding, thank u for all

    gabriel saldivargabriel saldivar14 kun oldin
  • The Mexican wasn’t in fast forward that’s just how we work 😂😂 not raciest @ all I’m Mexican American , y’all wish you could keep up 😂😂

    God loves my snakes And tattoosGod loves my snakes And tattoos14 kun oldin
    • Don’t worry bro the niggas know , y’all got the hook ups for real , on tattoos and cars , I got a Mexican homie

      x Rinneganx Rinnegan12 kun oldin
  • What about Matilda's door?

    #Miss America#Miss America14 kun oldin
  • Great video today! I keep some of the larger snakes and love to educate people about the responsibility of keeping them.

    Mike DubeMike Dube14 kun oldin
  • Day 17 of commenting till Brian notices, have a great day!

    Aaron ZartlerAaron Zartler14 kun oldin
  • I love this beat so awesoume! Greetings from stockholm 🇸🇪

    Rafail GeorgiadisRafail Georgiadis14 kun oldin
  • What are your plans for providing the Sloth access to sunshine ☀️ & fresh air ? Just curious.

    Iam1random1Iam1random114 kun oldin
  • I love all animals and i really think brian is doing the wrong thing by putting that sloth in a tiny room with no sunshine or clean air to breath.i know he loves animals but cant figure out why he is doing this.

    paul hurleypaul hurley14 kun oldin
  • Thumbs up for ThE thumbnail alone 😂

    TheJLAMAR23TheJLAMAR2314 kun oldin
  • Just bought a huge albino Pac-Man frog to add to the other hundred of animals I have so my day is awesome .. he’s awesome !

    God loves my snakes And tattoosGod loves my snakes And tattoos14 kun oldin
  • How long until u get the sloth??

    angelahornick123angelahornick12314 kun oldin
  • How many exits? Have a plan in case a fire would happen? Looks great though. Cheers from, Ohio. 🇺🇸

  • That clip from nerd is pretty old

    SnakeBoy1779SnakeBoy177914 kun oldin
  • If I ever got a retic it would be a dwarf or a super dwarf.

    patryk Nowakpatryk Nowak14 kun oldin
  • 👌👍

    VC シ MEGMAVC シ MEGMA14 kun oldin
  • Hi Brian can you do a meet the staff vlog please

    Sophie HuttonSophie Hutton14 kun oldin
  • Pulls Lucy out of her comfortable spot, for no reason. Wonders why she's tense or upset.....

    Lunova LabsLunova Labs14 kun oldin
  • Brian- would you please make a video about the Underrated Normal Ball Python- So many times you cut the eggs and are disappointed by a normal. LOTS of your fans have "Just a Normal" and we love them.

    Lucky 11 TattooLucky 11 Tattoo14 kun oldin
  • Love the og thumb nail

    Keystone FishingKeystone Fishing14 kun oldin
  • What program does jay use to edit your videos???

    Superbbeatz804Superbbeatz80414 kun oldin
  • As far as the maximum size snake you can safely handle alone it's a combination of length and weight - there is a big difference between a skinny 10 foot snake and a 10 foot anaconda......

    Steven FSteven F14 kun oldin
  • When we keep special animals like snakes pitbulls and are being responsible or provided the life they require and something happend!!! Then it is the animals fault its all over the news that particular species a bad name when its actually the humans fault for many reasions!!!!!!! So I urge everyone if you want to own or care for a special unique type of animal please do your research be responsible because if something happens it'z the animal that gets bad Damar suffers when it's not right

    Kaitlyn GassKaitlyn Gass14 kun oldin
  • k

    greg szyszkagreg szyszka14 kun oldin
  • A friend of mine is a state trooper, and back in the mid 90s he had to shoot an 18 foot retic that had wrapped up a 3 year-old kid and the father couldn’t get it off. It was pure luck that he was right down the road when the call came in

    DogHumpsMonkeyDogHumpsMonkey14 kun oldin
    • @Emily M If I remember, the parents were charged with child endangerment or something similar. Apparently they let the snake roam free in the house, and it had previously eaten their dog or cat, I don’t remember which.

      DogHumpsMonkeyDogHumpsMonkey13 kun oldin
    • Sounds like pure child endangerment letting a 3yo be around such a large snake.

      Emily MEmily M13 kun oldin
  • John Moyer and his wife do sleep hypnosis on UZworld both of them have amazing content I listen most nights to them. Has loads of topics some all 8 hours and some less. Have a crack at it it’s very calming and peaceful.

    Parafox LouiseParafox Louise14 kun oldin
  • hey! Who agrees Brian is cool......

    Angela ChandlerAngela Chandler14 kun oldin
  • So are y’all picking up Lori’s 🐪 when you pick up 🦥? ❤️

    Wana1028Wana102814 kun oldin
  • That hook is awesome. Where are they available the handle looks amazing

    Snakey PeeperzSnakey Peeperz14 kun oldin
  • Hey Brian Barczyk, I recently got a baby corn snake and she escaped and went down my vent, I recently found her in my basement, she's thankfully and gratefully alive but appears to be missing some scales and showing some muscle, what should I do, without having to put her down?

    Foxtrot EchoFoxtrot Echo14 kun oldin
    • Keep her in a cage she can’t escape from, feed her well and watch as she sheds. If the scrape is too deep and past the surface, then you need to take your snake to a vet or rehabbed for assistance.

      Patricia BrownPatricia Brown14 kun oldin
  • Love your stuff but boring when you spend too much time on ear buds!!!

    DAKILL gamingDAKILL gaming14 kun oldin
  • You should get a waterproof outlet for that has a plastic box cover that latches over it..super stoked

    Georgia Moon ProductionsGeorgia Moon Productions14 kun oldin
    • That’s a great idea!

      Patricia BrownPatricia Brown14 kun oldin
  • Fantastic discussion on keeping big snakes and the risks involved.

    Jason AJason A14 kun oldin