23-Sen, 2020
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What do you think?! Tell me what you would do in the comments below.
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About Brian Barczyk:
Hey, I'm Brian Barczyk from SnakeBytesTV, AnimalBytesTV and Discovery channel's series Venom Hunters. Follow the Barczyk family and I as we share our lives as reptile breeders. We post daily vlogs each day at 9:00 AM (EST)! We are reptile breeders of snakes, geckos, blue-tongued skinks as well as all other animals. I also travel around the world doing amazing animal adventures. As far as snakes I breed corn snakes, milk snakes, king snakes, rat snakes, Ball pythons, Sand boas, Woma Pythons, Spotted Pythons, Children's pythons, Carpet pythons and more! Besides breeding, I have two dogs, Burmese pythons, Reticulated pythons, Tortoises, Lizards and an American alligator. Thank you for watching and don’t forget to check out my vlogs to go around the world with me!!
Brian Barczyk

  • If I was you I wouldn’t make a move that I would regret

    Devin WarfieeldDevin Warfieeld2 kun oldin
  • I would find a bigger space for present and future things honestly

    valarie dupontvalarie dupont5 kun oldin
  • in my opinion downsizing BHB is the best option. 70% of what you have now is still a lot.

    MinteeMintee9 kun oldin
  • Build an addition on the repterium. The cost would be the same as renting a new building. And then you can have the breading program part of the repterium

    George PalmerGeorge Palmer14 kun oldin
  • Brian I really have thought for a long time that you need to purchase a property that gives you the ability to have a few outdoor enclosures for during the summer. Also where you could have room to expend here and there. I think the building you are in worked for starting but it does not fit the end goal.

    Nicole-real mom lifeNicole-real mom life15 kun oldin
  • I say expand and use the dungeon, don't get rid of any animals

    Joe RenoJoe Reno15 kun oldin
  • We can always find quotes that work or represent what we're talking about... but my opinion Brian barczyk you should keep BHB, and Do what you want to.. you always find a solution to your hangups, never give up a Passion, downsizing 30% isn't even worth the stress of rehoming, I know those animals hold a special place in your heart, asthey should, breeders or not. The way I see it if your doing a 3.0 in a building you already own your going to have some nice Income Entering the Facilities HIRE One Person to be strictly 'incharge' / takes care of the stress you feel would come with a small rent, no need to do it yourself. I just truly believe you don't HAVE TO get rid of one or the other to continue on with something.... I hope you read this ajd I hope you make a great decision that ultimately makes you 100% fulfilled/ Happy

    Ryan B.Ryan B.15 kun oldin
  • I think the decision is not that difficult. Analyse what animals of BHB do well breeding and selling and get rid of the others. This lowers your overhead cost and maybe you can downsize in the crew which lowers your overhead even more. Than arrange a small cheap storage facility nearby to store the merge. This way you can move the colubrids to the basement of 2.0. I think these are the easiest/cheapest/fastest things you can do without giving you much of an headache or pooring thousands of dollars into something. The cost of moving the colubrids to the 2.0 basement you can cover with the revenue you got from the animals that you sold from bhb.

    Michael de GrootMichael de Groot16 kun oldin
  • I would move the shop supplies to somewhere else and keep all the animals where they are to expand

    diane sculleydiane sculley18 kun oldin
  • You should rent a space for the overstock

    Mackenzie DurlerMackenzie Durler19 kun oldin
  • Hey Brian, been watching you now for a while, no not every vlog but enough to notice that the stress must be immense, not trying to be an ass here or anything, just an honest opinion, you look like you aged 10 years in 5 and that is what stress does to you. My point is, do what makes you feel happy, you only have this one life dude! if that means you have to downsize or do less videos, then that is what you need to do. Sometimes it is hard to see what actually causes all the stress, especially when you're right in the middle. Regardless of what your next step might be, make sure it is what you want and what is best for you. Thank you for all the educational videos, you've created something amazing for everyone involved but I think you left someone behind, yourself. All the best :)

    Marco RiedelMarco Riedel20 kun oldin
  • Separate the Reptarium from BHB completely. Two different entities at two separate locations with two separate staffs.

    BooneBoone21 kun oldin
  • Down size everything cost less expanding cost more , having less will keep you less stressed for your animals and eventually you will feel less stressed and the amount of work will be less , therefore less is good for you 👍 .

    Javier Rivera 7470Javier Rivera 747022 kun oldin
  • You could easily put your gift shop overstock in a storage containers and keep what you love .

    Clay StillmanClay Stillman22 kun oldin
  • I dont like snakes but to each his own its pretty cool though

    donna boyntondonna boynton23 kun oldin
  • 💰 VS ❤ His heart is BHB. The money is the Reptarium. UZworld. Podcast. Its the dream. The issue is the merch is doing to well to justify making any changes. BHB is his passion it built the foundation and made a living. Then he started filming it and putting it on UZworld. He was passionate and loved BHB so he created good content and his channel had success. Eventually, I would guess early in the success he realized his earning potential with UZworld was so much greater. It was a win win for him doing what he loved created content and that content made him good money. I think at this point he sees BHB as just content and something he enjoys. But at this point the money 💰 is making BHB more and more impractical. The Reptarium makes better content. With that said BHB will never go away its his heart. He really loves breeding 🐍. Unfortunately it is going to have to downsize and become more a hobby than a focal point of his business. His time and resources are much better spent investing in his other ventures. Brian its ok boss! You can downsize BHB and not lose apart of yourself. What you have built has grown and evolved into something much greater than what you could have dreamed. That growth and evolution in your business is just a reflection of you. You have out grown BHB. You have bigger things to accomplish and strive for! Go get it Boss!

    Cody DavisCody Davis23 kun oldin
  • What's the difference if BHB and the reptilium

    Bobbie JordanBobbie Jordan23 kun oldin
  • Brian I feel like you will make the right decision on all of it just keep being you and keep doing the things that you're doing you're making the world of animals an important thing you show emotions you show a friendship with everyone of your animals that you own I know that you'll do the right thing for everyone of your animals

    Daniel HowittDaniel Howitt23 kun oldin
  • What about building an extension onto where BHB currently is. Like with 2.0 when it got knocked in. Build an extension onto the back of BHB so you can just transfer the racks through a big double door. As for downsizing your collection, if anything I would only consider downsizing the colubrids. Ball/royal pythons is where you made your name so to downsize where you began would be a bad idea imho

    Ricky DarbyshireRicky Darbyshire24 kun oldin
  • Bro that gift shop ain't gonna pay your bills...I'd get rid of the wife before I would a million dollar worth of snakes....lol sounds heartless but your the man you built your kingdom yes your wife helped but be smart brain keep what makes you money now 10 years from now when u have a few more million setting I would down size...dont get ahead of your time.

    ديلون ديلونديلون ديلون24 kun oldin
  • If you could still support the Reptarium and growth with downsizing BHB then that's what I'd do, but if not then maybe if you could get a portable building or storage to keep the gift shop merch in?

    StreuddleStreuddle24 kun oldin
  • Let go of some of it.

    Leylah JohnstonLeylah Johnston24 kun oldin
  • Brian, you know you want to go it all. All Lori of you stored her excess in a rented storage space and expand into that area. Failing that see if there is another building around you for rent and in the meantime look got a bigger building to let you go much bigger. Good luck, my friend.

    Judy LlewellynJudy Llewellyn24 kun oldin
  • Focusing on a few specific tasks is better than spread a little attention to many.

    David WadeDavid Wade24 kun oldin
  • You have plenty of yard space, why don’t you put up another shed for the gift shop supplies?

    Hayley PhamHayley Pham24 kun oldin
  • Personally I would suggest renting another area, so then you have more time to figure out where to put everything for further upgrades down the road.

    FrostFox18 9FrostFox18 924 kun oldin
  • Why don't you purchase a 40ft container for the outside rear of the reptarium/BHB and store all of your merch in that? Then you won't have to reduce your collection.

    Luke Townsend-SmoutLuke Townsend-Smout24 kun oldin
  • Get a storage of some sort to put the gift shop merchandise in maybe a walk in pod that can be placed on or near property.

    balnbj33balnbj3324 kun oldin
  • Brian sit down and look where you want to be in 10yrs. Will this facility fit you're future plans, will it be big enough in the future. Or buying land to build like you want it to be would be better for you

    Shannon McPhersonShannon McPherson25 kun oldin
  • I wouldn't move just yet. I'd size down on ball pythons as much as possible. Lori isn't a bitch.

    KateKate25 kun oldin
  • See this is where I don't get you! I love you, Brian! I adore you but this one makes me want to go all Lori on you and even smack some sense into you! I would skip 3.o!! I mean BHB was there first and did well for you!. I don't get why you would even consider downsizing. Yet, Based on any time I have responded to your asking of opinions you have gone the other way EVERY time, even when you end up undoing things like the snake massage and yoga with snakes....I also think the sloth is a HORRIBLE idea.

    Amanda'stakeonitAmanda'stakeonit25 kun oldin
    • That was super cool that you gave that family a Salt experience of their own

      Amanda'stakeonitAmanda'stakeonit25 kun oldin
  • I think you should either downsize and enough so you still enjoy it or you should use the space you have do not get more space do not pay for more stuff you don't have need to get more stuff to enjoy what you have

    Wade ClarkWade Clark25 kun oldin
  • When are you getting a sloth

    Jayleigh BatyJayleigh Baty25 kun oldin
  • Could you possibly expand up and build a second story on top of the reptarium? I know you would have to get building permits but I think it would be cheaper than getting another building.

    Heather AllabenHeather Allaben25 kun oldin
  • If you have the room you can buy a sea can for the merch

    Wild RedWild Red25 kun oldin
  • If it were me, I would downsize BHB. I would look at your sales and see what animals, what morphs aren’t selling as well. Then sell them to other breeders or for the pet market.

    Sie CoveySie Covey25 kun oldin
  • I agree I’d find a nice sizable space for the merchandise to go and maybe place 20% of each animals at least the babies or the adults to be in the new space to help the expansion

    Eric PerezEric Perez25 kun oldin
  • Im new to watching I freak out if Im around snakes but i lov watching you and all you do my friends grandson G5 is amazing he is 10 and his knowledge ect re reptiles is off the hook I hope some day we can all meet you have inspired me to think about my dream F4SN anyways about your space problems I assume u own the property where your located can you add a cute smaller building to accommodate the gift store and its over stock or maybe add another floor upstairs or room? And maybe start by 10 percent downsize its hard to part with things u love just remember letting go for the right reasons is a win!!! It may sting abit but in the long run it allows you to grow,learn,teach most of all balance your dreams with your life... I also suffer from ptsd severe depression anxiety and now some health issues again love watching your awesome and so are the people who dedicate themselves helping you

    Shelly EdwardsShelly Edwards25 kun oldin
  • I am torn the blog from both Bhb and reptariam I enjoy emencly currently I only have a ball python myself but if you chose to rehome I personally would love one of your snakes

    Kyle CoxKyle Cox25 kun oldin
  • Well I think your money comes from bhb so I would focus on expanding it and getting a general manager that you can show how to take care of it like you guys do so you could come in and do what you want but you don't have to focus on it and you can focus on your pation.

    Ben SnowBen Snow25 kun oldin
  • Completely gut the BHB and make the reptaruim badass! Move the merch to a secondary location! And for the love of all things good! Tell Lori to stop treating Brian like a little kid and degrading him. A sloth will not kill you Lori

    William MulrooneyWilliam Mulrooney25 kun oldin
  • Defo let go of most of bhb, and just specialise in a select few species and premium morphs

    MarksNationMarksNation25 kun oldin
  • If i was you yes i would buy more space just because I wold not want to get read of snakes but it would still be stressful with all the payments. Yoou should buy more but you would have to find a good space

    lisa waynelisa wayne25 kun oldin
  • Well from my opinion. I would like to see new animals... Komodo dragon..

    Kabees WaranKabees Waran25 kun oldin
  • Hey Brian ❤️💓💗 your vlogs. I think you should continue to do what you do and move bhb. Your fans will be right here to support you as always we won't let you down. We will continue to support you financially by buying merch snakes geckos and stuff and by visiting the repterium. We will also continue to support you mentally and emotionally. You can do this bro. Keep following your dreams and never give up. Thanks for always making me feel better.

    Heather GillardHeather Gillard25 kun oldin
  • Fined a way bigger building

    Jeffrey SearlesJeffrey Searles26 kun oldin
  • Been there with downsizing. Was not enjoyable I took in rescue snakes and other reptiles. I just had too much going on and felt overwhelmed. I downsized and found my happy medium. Made friends in local reptile community so happy when I helped expand their collections. Hard choice not fun but was best for all in the end. Take care

    Jenny McCabeJenny McCabe26 kun oldin
  • Don’t get rid of your reptiles! Move your merch! 💜

    Megan MoralesMegan Morales26 kun oldin
  • Do what's best for you and your family my friend I would down size and expand the repterium that way you give it the room it needs and you still can cut eggs and work on those morph projects AND I WILL DEFINITELY TAKE SOME ANIMALS OFF YOU TO ADD TO MY COLLECTION BEST WISHES MY FRIEND

    vapeclericvapecleric26 kun oldin
  • song?

    TJ McdonaldTJ Mcdonald26 kun oldin
  • I don’t think you’re a bit@$ Lori!!! YOU’RE A BOSS 👍🏼

    Rocky GRocky G26 kun oldin
  • Don't get the slot... Use that space for something else!

    Lyndsay BrownLyndsay Brown26 kun oldin
  • For those saying Lori treats him like a kid. No way. They are a great team and Brian knows this. He loves ever bit of the banter. Some men need and love strong woman. Lori is exactly that. An absolute powerhouse who I’m guessing does so much behind the scenes it affords Brian to really live his passion. I have a Lori literally my wife’s name is Lori as well. She is a strong personality that let’s me know how she feels and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I also think she knows that sloth is coming to town near her. Haha. Lori is just making sure they are prepared. Thanking this channel for keeping it positive all the time during these hard times!

    Neverending ReptilesNeverending Reptiles26 kun oldin
  • I say downsize the 30%

    Lori MechelleLori Mechelle26 kun oldin
  • Shipping containers if you have space outside or on roof for the gift shop merchandise. Also if you own the building maybe build up!

    Neverending ReptilesNeverending Reptiles26 kun oldin
  • Here’s an idea - be happy with what you have achieved right now and stop with the expansions once you’ve used up your existing space. Maybe shift some growth towards social media efforts to help educate.

    M PiM Pi26 kun oldin
  • I'd just move the merch to a storage unit less cost and plus you dont lose any of your passions

    Joshua PaytonJoshua Payton26 kun oldin
  • It seems like your snakes have been very important in the snake community. But I see where your heart is too. Do you have to completely give up one to support the other? Maybe turn over the day to day operations of BHB to trusted individuals and take a less intense role there? Maybe a more supervisory role instead of so much running the whole show. I agree with a lot of other people about the storage it did not look very optimized it looked very spread out so maybe condense that or move it to another location off site.

    Christy AllredChristy Allred26 kun oldin
  • Could you not construct something in the back yard of your house to house some of bhp

    James ShepherdJames Shepherd26 kun oldin
  • Why cant you build a warehouse at your home property nothing huge but just right thats gonna be cheaper you can still refill your stock at will but no big payments and its accessible

    Edward CostelloEdward Costello26 kun oldin
  • Downsize and give the animals you keep better set ups that benefit the animal rather than just maximize the space you have. At the end of the day, an animals quality of life will always be more important than quantity of animals you have. They deserve more than a life in the drawer.

    Erin CoulterErin Coulter26 kun oldin
  • It's your business so therefore its you decision. You don't need our help with your dreams,.

    n Vidmarn Vidmar26 kun oldin
  • See the excitement that's on your face, when you talk about "DROGO" your SLOTH... That's the sort of stuff, You should go with in your future... 👍♥️🇦🇺

    Joanne ParkinsonJoanne Parkinson26 kun oldin
  • I think You should down size BHB. And just concertrate on your FAVORITE Breeds like Pythons, the "Lorie's"... Your favorite Corn snakes, & Gekos. Just the Breeds that You absolutely Love, & still have a passion for. ♥️ Then you will have more time for your Zoo, & other projects that You really get enjoyment from.. Let's face it, Your not getting any younger, none of Us are... Well that's my 5 cents, any way. Good Luck, with what ever you decide. We will all be on the journey with You..From DOWN UNDER..👍🇦🇺♥️🐍🙂

    Joanne ParkinsonJoanne Parkinson26 kun oldin
  • Rehome 30%. Those who watch your videos and follow BHB would love those snakes and would provide a loving and cozy home if you sold that 30% on BHBs site. I would certainly be one of them 🐍

    Rebecca SullivanRebecca Sullivan26 kun oldin
  • build up add a 2nd story on top

    Shelly SteverShelly Stever26 kun oldin
  • I love your work I always watch you..but I feel like you should down size...

    noel ramosnoel ramos26 kun oldin
  • Maybe the reduction of BHB by 30% would allow you to focus more on the passion projects of the breeding. Often when you focus in on what you are really passionate about the results are greater. Otherwise, maybe adding some sort of storage shed in your backyard for merch overflow? That way all the animals are in one place and you are running around from place to place all day everyday. When Laurie needs a restock of certain merch she brings it with her the next day.

    Marty CalderonMarty Calderon27 kun oldin
  • I mean this with the most respect Bryan but you could try selling some of your snakes and not hold back everything. I know you are a pioneer at this but your mm page and site are really male heavy and kind of mediocre.

    Antonio GonzalezAntonio Gonzalez27 kun oldin
  • Buy two good size shipping containers and have them at home, That way no rent and you can transport what you need to the gift shop.

    mike taylormike taylor27 kun oldin
  • You have so many beautiful animals that have been breeding and laying eggs for years that I personally would love to meet and get a chance to see there personalities. Honestly I would love to go and see your process and the egg hatching, kids would love it also, great for education. Yes you probably need to downsize your BHB stock, but every part of the Reptarium is what goes on downstairs.

    Arilynne BarksArilynne Barks27 kun oldin
  • I would look for a new building 4 BHB Reptiles you cannot forget what started your Fame and your business if you let go of that I have a feeling that you will forget where you came from

    BK reptiles 2018BK reptiles 201827 kun oldin
  • Expand it will be worth it

    Amare MaultsbyAmare Maultsby27 kun oldin
  • As we saw with covid, things can happen to the reptarium and hurt your profits and lifestyle. You need BHB to finance your dream. I'd say relocate BHB and hire people to handle it.

    lelandsdad13lelandsdad1327 kun oldin
  • Why does Lori have so much Bach up merch? Maybe downsize that part? Maybe a storage unit? They’re cheap but she def has wayyyy to much lol. Just my opinion I could be totally wrong.

    amanda brandensteinamanda brandenstein27 kun oldin
  • Lori is crew chief around there . Lol she makes the rules around there !

    acinstaller92acinstaller9227 kun oldin
  • I am a bit confused by a lot of the decisions you have made, but as everything has been very successful, I acknowledge you know what you are doing, and consider all your business decisions carefully. Otherwise you would have to be exceptionally lucky! ;). And without having any idea what parts of the business make the most profit etc we could all be talking out of our hats...! But from the outside it seems a bad time to expand. Not just because we are in a pandemic, and we have no idea what the immediate future holds, but also because usually it would make sense to let the last expansion pay for itself before enlarging again. And if BHB subsidizes the Reptarium at all, downsizing could be risky. It seems you always have so many balls in the air. You were keen on having the snake massage experience,and because it’s been delayed due to covid, suddenly the room would be a sloth habitat? I think it would be really sad to get an animal that large and have it live inside a building its whole life. I know they are cool and it would be awesome to spend time with, but think about how your ideas about keeping reptiles have evolved recently, and apply those ideas to a large mammal. Just because it’s legal, doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. I really dislike the whole concept of private zoos when you start talking mammals and large animals. Also think about your mental health and the extra stresses expansion could bring to your business, your family and your health.

    Suz TSuz T27 kun oldin
  • Open up a new part of the repterium and expand

    Candice KiernanCandice Kiernan27 kun oldin
  • I would move the merchandise to where b&h is and move the b&h stuff to where the merch is. No downsizing needed!

    Christopher ButlerChristopher Butler27 kun oldin
  • Build storage above or around area gift shop. Work stock down a bit and order as required or roof space x good luck

    Marina AshbyMarina Ashby27 kun oldin
  • Since you love breeding snakes don't down size BHB

    Joshua RaderJoshua Rader27 kun oldin
  • Why don't you drop the floor like repterium 3.0 then you can stack cages up loosing minimal animals

    Lara WilliamsLara Williams27 kun oldin
  • I have an idea if you have a storage in your house store some mercy there so you have more room

    Idk what to call my channelIdk what to call my channel27 kun oldin
  • The best answer for your questions will come from Lori and Noah. That's a decision for you and your family to decide. Weigh the ups and downs for both ideas, and as a family, make the best decision that will advance your future. Best of luck and wishes.

    Lois JonesLois Jones27 kun oldin
  • I know that you love BHB and breeding. But, if you feel like what you need to do is expand the reptarium and this is what you have wanted to do, I would say to downsize the 30 percent. I don’t think there is an issue with letting go of a few of your breeders.

    The ReptileverseThe Reptileverse27 kun oldin
  • I just hope the sloth idea dosent cost you any of the snakes you love my brother

    cody maniscody manis27 kun oldin
  • I just hope bye leaving what got you to the top behind doesn't screw you up BHB is Brian barczyk Brian barczyk is BHB but whatever makes you the happiest I really support. Maybe what Amazon Smurfette said is it good idea move the merch to a secondary location and just keep enough on hand to where you can do what you need to do for each day and it wouldn't really be anything to just grab Supply from your secondary location. But BHB and the reptarium should stay together BHP also built the reptarium keep that in mind Bryan

    cody maniscody manis27 kun oldin
  • Move the gift shop storage

    Heather ScarfoHeather Scarfo27 kun oldin
  • Honestly and respectfully, as a former reptile keeper myself, I think you should stop keeping animals as suffering prisoners. I've enjoyed your videos. 💙

    Clifford CoyleClifford Coyle27 kun oldin
  • Brian. a few ideas. get a couple of shipping containers stackable. use them to make storage but also can be joined to make a few levels to store away shop supplies? then you can paint the outside or get some graffiti artists to promote the repatarium in style of 3d art. I'm a creative thinker and can think of other options. extended underground basement by drilling deeper( hidden and extra costs. vibrations could disturb reptiles. if i could somehow see the land dimensions an underground. i could get some ideas for hidden expansions. if you want more room but minus the moving costs.

    Jared WardenJared Warden27 kun oldin
  • i think the vine you gotta let go of is temporary comfort. IMAGINE THE NEW CONTENT AND JUST IMPROVEMENT you will achieve in a few months by getting a new place and literally expanding even more. You have definitly worked hard, but I dont think its time to be comfortable. You are bound to greater things!

    WhoTiisWhoTiis27 kun oldin
  • You do whatever make you HAPPY. THAT comes first.

    Lynne FiggLynne Figg27 kun oldin
  • You could auction your ball pythons to ethical hobbyists like myself or maybe have a contest and do giveaways to huge fans that are starting their own breeding journey??

    Mike TurlandMike Turland27 kun oldin
  • Brian, my advice to you would be to follow your heart man. If the Reptarium is more your passion then I'd focus on it alittle more. I was wondering if you could give me alittle help on something? I've had a corn snake for about 8yrs now that I caught in the flowers outside a Dillons that I used to work at. The morph or phase isn't native to Kansas, where I live. The closest morph or phase that I've seen is the Miami phase. I can send you a picture of him if you'd like, because I would really appreciate your professional opinion. Awesome video as usual and can't wait to see the next 🙂.

    Brandon BowerBrandon Bower28 kun oldin
  • Hey, I’m just wondering, we haven’t seen Lucy/Lucifer is she ok? How is she? Also, tell her I said hi. 🙂 love your vids and reptiles, bye have a nice day! 🙂🙂🙂 I would take one of the snakes but I live in the wrong state to get one but hopefully you don’t have to re home some snakes because I love them and you do too

    Derp_Queen GachaDerp_Queen Gacha28 kun oldin
  • I think alternative merchandise storage is your best idea and use the space you have ..taking on a new rent or purchase of space will increase your anxiety attacks and we don't want that so maintain what you have and keep your animals at BHB and in the zoo

    Cassandra MaysCassandra Mays28 kun oldin
  • Buy a shed or garage for your property for the over stock

    Mick cMick c28 kun oldin
  • www.loopnet.com/Listing/7601-23-Mile-Rd-Shelby-Township-MI/20470153/

    Adam LynnAdam Lynn28 kun oldin
  • Buy a huge lot of land and build a huge pole barn style warehouse big enough for bhb zoo and merch

    Adam LynnAdam Lynn28 kun oldin
  • Brian there’s a lady in Pinellas County Florida that found a two headed baby black racer. It’s split further back than Ben and Jerry. Very cool!

    Dawne SimsDawne Sims28 kun oldin