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I need to explain myself...
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About Brian Barczyk:
Hey, I'm Brian Barczyk from SnakeBytesTV, AnimalBytesTV and Discovery channel's series Venom Hunters. Follow the Barczyk family and I as we share our lives as reptile breeders. We post daily vlogs each day at 9:00 AM (EST)! We are reptile breeders of snakes, geckos, blue-tongued skinks as well as all other animals. I also travel around the world doing amazing animal adventures. As far as snakes I breed corn snakes, milk snakes, king snakes, rat snakes, Ball pythons, Sand boas, Woma Pythons, Spotted Pythons, Children's pythons, Carpet pythons and more! Besides breeding, I have two dogs, Burmese pythons, Reticulated pythons, Tortoises, Lizards and an American alligator. Thank you for watching and don’t forget to check out my vlogs to go around the world with me!!
Brian Barczyk

  • Good Morning everyone! Excited that new Merch drops tomorrow! Salt and Pepper and Diddy and Dixie shirts, hoodies, coffee cups and even Stickers drop tomorrow! So get ready! I felt I had to make this video because it bothered me that I was not clear with my question to you guys about potentially downsizing BHB a little. I hope this clears things up a little? Let me know your thoughts... You know how much you guys mean to me and I always want you to be a part of my life and my decisions. Of course in the end we will always do what we think is best, but often your guidance really helps me make the final decisions. I am so lucky to have you guys in my life! I want to show each of you how following your dreams and believing in yourself is the best thing you can do. Remember you can do amazing things, you just have to step out and do it! Have a great day everyone! I love you all! Brian

    Brian BarczykBrian Barczyk29 kun oldin
    • I have anxiety too.

      Jessica PinderJessica Pinder6 kun oldin
    • @Samone VanBuskirk Thanks, that helps alot!

      Larry Kelbaugh Jr.Larry Kelbaugh Jr.28 kun oldin
    • @Larry Kelbaugh Jr. - BHB is Brian's buisness and where he breeds his reptiles next door to the Reptarium. 😊

      Samone VanBuskirkSamone VanBuskirk28 kun oldin
    • Honestly, I don't know what BHB is, or just didn't understand what it is! Still don't know what BHB is...!?!? LOL! But, I do think that you should dial back on breeding ball pythons, so you don't miss breeding boas, & other snakes too! Also, my thoughts were on you not reducing/rehoming any of your animals at all, but to build them new homes within what space you already own & have! & possibly expand within that space that you already have! & not buying any additional space at all! You don't have to answer me on BHB, if you don't want to, Brian!

      Larry Kelbaugh Jr.Larry Kelbaugh Jr.28 kun oldin
    • Sounds like, made progress on mental thoughts and accomplishing personal goal 👍 amazing

      Continuous DropletsContinuous Droplets28 kun oldin
  • You are not going to apologize for abusing animals? For selling sick, ready to die animals? For forcefully breeding painful defects just because you think spider ball pythons look cute? Mass breeding to an unstable and abusive amount? You are a TERRIBLE person and I hope you suffer for the abuse you have done to these items just for money or shock value. SnakeDiscovery and Goherping are the only reptile UZworldrs that deserve support. you deserve the animals taken away from you

    Inverity AJInverity AJKun oldin
  • Brian, you have to do what is right for you and your business. Keep up the great work!

    Karen FindleyKaren Findley9 kun oldin
  • IAM from Indian your are awesome brother you can do what you can what is happening in your heart I like Lucy very much

    Naveen NaniNaveen Nani12 kun oldin
  • The podcast has way too much language for me. Sorry.

    Alyson CantwellAlyson Cantwell18 kun oldin
  • I still say you should build your own stand alone place where the reptireum could be on all the same level and you could do an upstairs fr offices and places for party's and or meet and greets with different animals. And you could have out door enclosures for RJ for during the summer. :)

    Nicole-real mom lifeNicole-real mom life18 kun oldin
  • Well clarification in the sence that you clearly already had your mind made up when asking what we thought because you "didn't know what to do".

    Ryan B.Ryan B.19 kun oldin
  • @Brian Barczyk as I have told you in the past I suffer from mental illness and anxiety is a big one. So I think you need to do what's best for you and your family.

    Danielle B.Danielle B.22 kun oldin
  • No hate man love ya, but basically you asked a question got a very strong answer that was the opposite of what you had already made your mind up about and this is you explaining how your still gonna do it?

    Constant ClowningConstant Clowning24 kun oldin
  • I knew exactly what you meant when you shared what was on your heart. It’s good for anyone or a business to reassess where you are or what makes sense for the future. The hard part is you’re talking about animals but at any business that revolves around animals this usually happens about every 5-10 years. Keep up the great work and don’t be so hard on yourself. At the end of the day it’s so funny how people only hear what they want to hear.

    Eric LenkEric Lenk24 kun oldin
  • Stop worrying so much about the negative energy and do what you got to do

    Jeffrey ShipleyJeffrey Shipley25 kun oldin
  • Do you ever feed live animals

    Chanse MeissnerChanse Meissner25 kun oldin
  • By down sizeing you could make the encloses bigger for the ones you keep clove watching x

    Heather BlizzardHeather Blizzard25 kun oldin
  • Brian, although i think you've already made a decision I still think you should get a separate place for overstock. Either way the choice is yours

    Mackenzie DurlerMackenzie Durler25 kun oldin
  • Downsizing or restructure BHB is an honest need. Most businesses need to. I feel that if you grow BHB vs the Reptarium along with doing the blog, podcast, etc you will not enjoy it so much. It won't be the labor of love it would become a burden.

    TikiHi77TikiHi7725 kun oldin
  • I think if you wanted to expand, it should really be expanding into a bigger space. The reason why I say this you can have storage, bhb in the back of the house. Then have the eateries int he front.

    Mr TwiztidMr Twiztid25 kun oldin
  • Love the blog! Watching you has helped me get over my reptile fear and we just got our first reptile! We now have a little bearded dragon named Creature and we love him. I never would have wanted one with out watching you interact with Bella and your other reptiles so thank you for all you do!

    A. Ellis NailsA. Ellis Nails26 kun oldin
  • Brian you don't have to explain your career journey....you Need to do what makes you Happy

    Jamie HoodJamie Hood26 kun oldin
  • I am happy for you that your continue to make your animals and your wellbeing part of your focus.

    Michelle RizkMichelle Rizk26 kun oldin
  • Brian, I been watching since Kel man. You were a god send. Snake keeping was the dark ages. Like that guy in SD - hes a god amongst milksnakes and cal mountain kings and first mutations, but you had to be a scientist to like the guy...haha. I thought liking snakes was embarrasing and for nerds, until snakebytes. Thanks! Business Idea: Spilt off all your real money focused projects like ball pythons and that chick that does the geckos and kings, corns, milks, to an off-site facility that you let Noah run fulltime - maybe make brent ops manager. You and your wife manage reptarium and specialty or high end breeding only at your site. Grow the bus and work Noah into it - gotta let him have something he could mess up or grow and see if he can handle it all someday.

    John HausmannJohn Hausmann26 kun oldin
  • So basically, you weren't really asking. You were informing because regardless of what people think, your going to downsize anyway. Personally, I'm glad!! All those animals deserve to live in nice enclosures with enrichment and have families where they're loved! I wish you would abandon the entire breeding program and start GIVING BACK by rescuing neglected reptiles! That's my opinion but I'm sure you won't because your income will not only be cut but the extra income you make will be going back into rescue. Sad that you could be making a huge difference in thousands of animals lives. But won't 😔

    Lisa MaynardLisa Maynard26 kun oldin
  • I know I’m watching this a few days late but I just wanted to say that you don’t need anyone’s permission to do what’s best for you. There’s no one in this hobby/business that does more than you. I own about 30 reptiles, which is nothing compared to what you’ve got going on, and it’s a super busy job to take care of just that many. Do what you need to do and don’t let anyone tell you whats good for you is wrong.

    Jaci MartelliJaci Martelli26 kun oldin
  • At least he comes to you like a man abt it 🤝

    Christopher NealChristopher Neal26 kun oldin
  • Ask Lori’s opinion and do whatever she says! 😂 Happy wife, Happy life!

    Amber SavageAmber Savage26 kun oldin
  • It's a bummer that the podcast isn't family friendly.

    Amanda'stakeonitAmanda'stakeonit26 kun oldin
  • I don't care what mistakes u make as long as it doesn't endanger any of the animals

    Tyler TTyler T26 kun oldin
  • That is a Neck Cleaver, or in my case, a Neck Cheese Knife. I hung it in my kitchen for cheese tray duty.

    Johnny RJohnny R26 kun oldin
  • I still think that you should follow your bliss! Yours seems to be in the Reptariam!

    Dark LakeDark Lake26 kun oldin
  • I say ... You do You!!! It's your business, it's your life. You do what works for you! What ever you do, people are still going to come to your awesome place! If you build it, they will come!!! 😆

    Karen BroadwaterKaren Broadwater27 kun oldin
  • What people don’t understand that didn’t watch snake bytes you already downsized a lot in the past

    Rocky PhillipsRocky Phillips27 kun oldin
  • Your too hard on yourself brian xx

    Piggies ParadisePiggies Paradise27 kun oldin
  • Do what makes you happy. You got me into snake and we now have Tikvah, a 1.5 year old corn snake. I understand you want to focus on the Reptarium and you will still be breeding snakes, but downsizing and focusing on a smaller collection is not a bad idea

    Janina SchmaedekeJanina Schmaedeke27 kun oldin
  • I would say buy a piece of land and build a facility that will have space for your current collection and expand from there. That way if you want to expand again in 7 years, you can have the freedom to do so. Also i have been following you for years! You are the reason i started collecting reptiles at 16, drove my mom insane. Living in South Africa now where the reptile community is not that big, would be great to move back to Texas where i can own reptiles again, especially a green tree python. My mom who is in Texas still, has my very first reptile i got at 16. He is a leopard gecko called milky. Mom calls him Frikkie, South African joke. I had this dream of working for you when i got out of school. Anyways your passion really shines through. Your heart is pure. I also struggle with severe anxiety disorder. I know how numbing it can be. Stay strong and i hope your days will just keep getting better. All the best to you and your family. Perhaps one day i can come and visit you in person.

    Beverley RohdeBeverley Rohde27 kun oldin
  • Whatever you decide I'm behind you 100%.

    Debbie ReynoldsDebbie Reynolds27 kun oldin
  • I asked u a question but never got back to me knowing I know u are a busy man. But hopefully if u ever have time if people lile me really needs helps, reach out. Just like how you reach out to us.

    Jay RoblesJay Robles27 kun oldin
  • Good morning Brian, I hope you are fairing well today. After watching your video on your plans to downsize BHB a little, my suggestion would be to focus on the gene projects you are the most passionate about. Keep those breeding pairs, and any other "fun" little projects, but maybe any other breeding animals you have that are for producing babies for the website, find a breeder or breeders that you trust and sell them to those people, or do a share type lending co-op with them. So that way the animals are off your property and in their care, but maybe you still sell the hatchlings on your site and then split the profit? Just a thought. Anyway. Have a great day and blessed be!

    Flat Mountain PythonsFlat Mountain Pythons27 kun oldin
  • My answer remains the same you do what you need to do for you and your family and everyone knows you love your animals and you will do right by them so do what makes you and your family your family happiest no matter what you do hope you're online family know your going to do what's best Cheers

    Ang MaccaAng Macca27 kun oldin
  • There's alot to think about for you in regard to your wonderful business. First, its your and Loris hearts and daily life....look at what is ideal for you too, becoming more mature in years, perhaps needing different activities, and work out from there. Is it a possibility to bring your valued staff up as shareholders or silent partners or franchises even? Whatever you decide, its your business, and regardless of any naysayers, you will only be happy when its right for you.

    taleandclaw rocktaleandclaw rock27 kun oldin
  • I like your videos. But lately, you are jumping more and more between things you do in the video. Think it's starting to get too messy and you lose points with things.

    Sara CarlssonSara Carlsson27 kun oldin
  • Hi mate you guys are amazing you all do a brilliant job i no you have probably thought about this already but why not expand in to next door and move bhb there and my be you could show people around bhb as well so they could get a look into how you do the amazing job you do then way bhb and the reptarium are all in one place

    ryan berwickryan berwick27 kun oldin
  • Thank you Brian for all your hard work you’ve inspired all of us in so many ways! Choose what’s best for you and your animals, we’ll have your back with your decisions! 🇨🇦🤘🏼

    Alexander MartinAlexander Martin27 kun oldin
  • Brian it's ok to make mistake because mistake make you stronger

  • I am very happy that you have a wonderful plan that fits to you. Excited for your future! Glad you include your viewers.

    Bethany CrockerBethany Crocker28 kun oldin
  • Hey Brian! I think between this video and the last it is clear where your heart lies! And you don't need to ask us to approve! If the reptarium is what makes you happy, pursue it wholeheartedly. I understand that BHB would be downsized only slightly and I think it is a great idea. The reptarium is amazing and I wished I lived closer so I could visit. Do what you love and you can't go wrong!

    Heather SmithHeather Smith28 kun oldin
  • Whenever your in a business money is always the motivator.Stop lying!

    hollen 6377hollen 637728 kun oldin
  • My feelings about BHB is it's your choice you know what really goes on behind the scenes and what all you are doing and what all you both mentally, psychically, and financially have to do. But on that note if you downsize Kenyan sand boas I would love a male I don't have a snake yet! Just got the go ahead to have one last month!

    Leah DownsLeah Downs28 kun oldin
  • If u need anyone im here

    LittleChineeseLittleChineese28 kun oldin
  • I would love one of your animals to add to mine I say do what makes you happy

    Jacqueline HamptonJacqueline Hampton28 kun oldin
  • i understood and im really happy for you you have everything i can only dream of ♥♥

    Ryan BRANNIGANRyan BRANNIGAN28 kun oldin
  • How do you get baby pigs? Do they come frozen and you got to defrost them?

    Terri HanksTerri Hanks28 kun oldin
  • You have to fallow your heart a person with your anxiety has to understand it's not a good idea to put more stress on yourself & people also have to understand it's not an easy process for you to deal with so to me even though I enjoy watching your vlogs even though I have snake phobia it kinda helps me when watching your vlogs I wouldn't want to put you through any more stress that isn't necessary so you I say do as much as you know you can handle & please listen to your wife she would never guide you in the wrong only do what you both can handle God bless & best wishes to you both...

    Mayra 1128Mayra 112828 kun oldin
  • With the amount of care you give your animals idk why anyone would ever doubt you about getting a new animal. 🤦🏼‍♀️ Obviously you're a pro and you know what you're doing. You know to do your research and go above and beyond to make sure your animals are happy. Keep being amazing!

    Jenna HerrJenna Herr28 kun oldin
  • I didnt even know about the mistake, but it will help you in the long run why not down size I know you care for your animals so they would go to great homes stay positive and know we support you :)

    valerie siordiavalerie siordia28 kun oldin
  • I feel like Jessica, bruce, your other close knit employees could run BHB just fine, maybe get them 3 good helpers an it would go great if you needed to step back an put your focus on other things. I would not down size. It sounds like a bad an regretful idea that you will wish you didnt do later on. You put in so much work to get to where you are.

    Patrick Tommy LLCPatrick Tommy LLC28 kun oldin
  • I think downsizing is a good idea. It will allow you to focus more on the Reptarium and the BHB reptiles you keep. Also gives people who may want to adopt one of the BHB animals an opportunity to give them a good home and help y’all out in the meantime. Keep up the good work!

    Amy TempletonAmy Templeton28 kun oldin
  • One of the best content creators ❤

    marcus jonesmarcus jones28 kun oldin
  • Do what feels right in the heart. Brains fool is hearts dont. Keep going tho. One thing I'd like to see is more egg cutting from other snake species like hognoses corns etc would be great. I have an anerythristic corn a pied sided pewter and a 66%toffeebelly 50%albino hognose displaying as normal and even having them takes enough time buddy. Love watching all your vlogs etc I know how you also feel as I suffer anxiety too. Wish you well Brian

    entertainment channelentertainment channel28 kun oldin
  • It fine everyone makes mistakes.

    StanY LinStanY Lin28 kun oldin
  • I have an idea to not downsize BHB take the souvenir storage off site and build a room in your house and take souvenirs to the reptarium as you need them just an idea. Love the VLOG

    North End Nuggets ApparelNorth End Nuggets Apparel28 kun oldin
  • Your just having a sort out making it better for yourself well done top job your doing

    Scott PittsScott Pitts28 kun oldin
  • Hi Brian! Sorry, I'm coming in a day late. I was very busy with work yesterday until 11pm honestly, but I wanted to respond to you on the idea that you weren't clear enough. I don't believe that it was your fault that people didn't understand what you meant. I thought you were pretty clear, and I still believe that you should go ahead and downsize and follow your heart into whatever it leads you to. I know that you've been going through a tough time with your anxiety, and I believe that this will help you due to the fact that you won't have the stress of paying for another location on top of the one that you already have. People needed you to explain the fact that 70% obviously means you're reducing by about 30% which with the size of your collection at BHB will hardly be noticeable. So I say downsize and expand the reptarium 3.0. I look forward to making my way to Michigan to check you out some time I have been watching the vlog for at least 2.5 years and I believe you are one of the most influential people in the reptile hobby. Keep up all of your good work, and never change for the sake of others!

    Steven JustusSteven Justus28 kun oldin
  • Makes more sense, but still think the gift shop merch Should go in a storage container.

    Bradormel BradBradormel Brad28 kun oldin
  • Don’t apologize, but it sounds like you had your mind made up and the majority of comments went the other way. It still sounds like you are justifying downsizing. Just do it!

    Pablo OrtizPablo Ortiz28 kun oldin
  • Brian, whatever happens to BHB, I hope everything the best for you and your animals.

    Goalie KoreaGoalie Korea28 kun oldin
  • Do what you do Brian 🙂 hope you are ok and happy 🙂 :D I liked all your videos every day and night :D

    James JordanJames Jordan28 kun oldin
  • I would say to stream line start rehoming the copy cats that are the same gender. Life if you have 2 female coral snow corns but 1 has one more trait than the other one keep the 1 with the extra trait rehome the one that's just a coral snow. Same with the balls. If you have 2 Queenspins and 1 Queenspin is 100% het pied keep the het and rehome the non het...we are currently working on streamlining our collection right now. And I get it it's hard to open that tub and look in and see this animal and go wow I remember when you were tiny...now look at you 😍 you've given us clutches,or now you're a daddy...to then go to welp now I have to rehome you😭😭😭 right now we are starting with the single genes. Soon we'll be getting rid of the double genes. Got a lot of raisers that are 3 and 4 gene combos. Once the throw their first clutches the double gene combos can go.😭 But like you we can't get another location so we can't keep them all😭 Hope I was at least a little bit helpful 😁 even if it was just to let you know that someone is listening and is here dealing with the same thing (sort of) 🥰

    BLAR_REPTILES NonabaumgardnerBLAR_REPTILES Nonabaumgardner28 kun oldin
  • so good to see to here more about EVERYTHING!!!!

    Charlie KrohnCharlie Krohn28 kun oldin
  • I agreed with the downsize from the beginning. It's such less stressful to have everything together. A separate building, even if right across the street is stressful thinking about it. You do what you need to do. Live you best life the way YOU want

    Miss KacyMiss Kacy28 kun oldin
  • Brian you do what you need to I have no problem with what you are going to do in the future, and present so I will always be here watching.

    Jason SuttonJason Sutton28 kun oldin
  • We all make mistakes, Brian! We are human 'animals' after all!!! People seem to forget about that part!!! We aren't perfect, as human 'animals'!!!

    Larry Kelbaugh Jr.Larry Kelbaugh Jr.28 kun oldin
  • Brian, this is honestly your adventure, if you feel overwhelmed then do some downsizing. Its up to you

    Jake KuhlJake Kuhl28 kun oldin
  • wtf didn’t explain shit just kept saying sorry the whole damn time for something you clearly said you were just expecting a different response from people

    Omar MOmar M28 kun oldin
  • Vlog was superb.... And yau did not make a mistake... You are a superb guy bro... Keep on going...

    Yuvan VYuvan V28 kun oldin
  • Blame it on 2020.... it's just been that kind of year!!!! :D

    klcpcaklcpca28 kun oldin
  • Don’t downsize

    Arun kArun k28 kun oldin
  • CRKT for the win!! Awesome Knife.

    Exotic Reptile Creations - Brian BerchtoldExotic Reptile Creations - Brian Berchtold28 kun oldin
  • If you can’t house the animals properly and or reproduce them properly and care for every snake no matter the problems and also make sure they get checked by the vet and mite cleaned. Then you should downsize the amount of animals you have personally and up merch profit is still there and all animals are well taken care of no one will think less of you because you let hundred and hundreds of snakes go

    Tallon FXTallon FX28 kun oldin
  • Not everyone admits they were wrong in a video watched by thousands of people, i don't know if i would. My compliments for your sincerity !

    Andrea RotaAndrea Rota28 kun oldin
  • 0:26 my whole life changed because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

    Kimberly D.LivingstonKimberly D.Livingston28 kun oldin
  • As you’ve said you didn’t have enough time to clarify what you’re trying to say I already knew that’s not what you were trying to imply going across the vlog those are all your babies even if it’s 10,000 of them! Lol I know this is off topic and not trying to discourage you or your anxiety disorder in anyway as I’ve been facing mine for years along with ADHD and bipolar the constant battle everyday but my question is how does Lory(sorry if I spelled her name wrong) feel, how does she take everything, what does she do or the motivation she puts and help keep you moving? I know damn well she’s been by your side not questioning that but there’s always two sides the one going through it and the one right there helping that person not only get through it but better ease your partner when having a difficult time but we never hear from your wife and I think she if she’d be willing to not discussing your home life or personal into depth but her stand point on it you going through it if that better explains and of course not over stepping any boundaries of course and no disrespect at all. I ask because she’s always hard at work and looks like a really fun person to be around! Just give it a though Brian and maybe mention something about it in your next video if you read my comment thank you and love you guys!

    Scott CScott C28 kun oldin
  • I am wondering how much/what sound it really makes when a snake grabs his food

    Arno WoutersArno Wouters28 kun oldin
  • No apologies necessary mate. Keep up the great work love the vlogs.

    Heather GillardHeather Gillard28 kun oldin
  • I think Success means doing what you love and doing it happy and you have to do what you need to be happy. mental health is the most important it affects everything. Do what you need to Brian I love your videos every day!

    CynCyn28 kun oldin
  • Brian, you need to do whatever is good for you and your family. ❤️

    Wana1028Wana102828 kun oldin
  • You explained very clearly brian blogs r awesome,sometimes gtta.change something to expand in other thing way of the world

    Jay WaltersJay Walters28 kun oldin
  • Is it posable to add a second or third floor to the reptarium?

    ochitfunzoneochitfunzone28 kun oldin
  • BRIAN as much as you care about us as the viewers it’s you buisness and you need to do what you think is best all your viewers will still be right by your side no matter what you decide to do

    Riccardo_is_RiccardoRiccardo_is_Riccardo28 kun oldin
  • I think you were perfectly clear and no reason to apologize. Why lease a new property and always moving back and forth from the two. That’s not saying that you may want to do it in the future, depending if you want to use your building just for the Reptarium. Also, you’ve had a scumbag thief that stole a lot of snakes in the past. You can always replace the 20-30% when/if you’re splitting the two up.

    He-Man’s UncleHe-Man’s Uncle28 kun oldin
  • i don’t mean to be rude or anything but if he feels like he need to downsize for his personal happiness and possibly even the animals happiness let him do so he’s no just going to throw all of the animals away the 20-30% he’s relocating to places he will know there safe and in a good place

    Riccardo_is_RiccardoRiccardo_is_Riccardo28 kun oldin
  • Do what makes u happy in life

    Plugz SavagePlugz Savage28 kun oldin
  • I found you quite by accident and I am so happy I did...you have taken away my fear of snakes and visiting the Reptarium is on my bucket list...it is actually at the top of the list... But knowing you are open about Mental Health makes it easier for me...I have had issues with mine from a young age with depression and anxiety...I have tried to stay positive for all these years and laughed it off on the outside while the feelings stayed...you have taught me it is ok to let it out I don't have to hide it...thank you for that...next time you feel down remember you make a huge difference to the lives of many by just being you...thank you...Huge Hugs from Nova Scotia

    Angle MaeveAngle Maeve28 kun oldin
  • I found you quite by accident and I am so happy I did...you have taken away my fear of snakes and visiting the Reptarium is on my bucket list...it is actually at the top of the list... But knowing you are open about Mental Health makes it easier for me...I have had issues with mine from a young age with depression and anxiety...I have tried to stay positive for all these years and laughed it off on the outside while the feelings stayed...you have taught me it is ok to let it out I don't have to hide it...thank you for that...next time you feel down remember you make a huge difference to the lives of many by just being you...thank you...Huge Hugs from Nova Scotia

    Angle MaeveAngle Maeve28 kun oldin
  • Brian you are only human, mistakes get made, we all make them. I wouldn't be so hard on yourself. You will just make your anxiety worse. Business grow thats a fact. I was did have the Idea of having somewhere built especially for your business so that you could have room to grow and expand and di what you want with in your business. Its a shame you can't build downward, from 5he basement or on top of the reptarium then you could keep everything under one roof. I hope you don't mind my suggestions Brian XxX

    Sonia HartleySonia Hartley28 kun oldin
  • Lol i love watching you and Lori interact

    Lisa ReinhardtLisa Reinhardt28 kun oldin
  • Your just changing the question so you can get the answer you already have.

    chefrarestones1960chefrarestones196028 kun oldin
  • is building up an option

    destrucity wheel 42destrucity wheel 4228 kun oldin
  • Hey Brian hope your day is going well, but have you thought about doing a giveaway not just giving up your reptiles but ones too your subscribers.

    Baby Diablo23Baby Diablo2328 kun oldin
  • Well you don’t want too have two places, the only option is too build up. Hahahahaha.

    Nathan JonesNathan Jones28 kun oldin
  • It is really nice that you asked for the public of followers opinion, but in the end its all about what you can handle and what is easiest for you. Your HAPPY Health is worth more than any amount of money. You do what is best for you and your family. Don't ever apologize for others opinions...it is just that ..an opinion. U do U!

    Trina HolifieldTrina Holifield28 kun oldin
  • ok but the pig was chute. whyyyy

    yngkash 1yngkash 128 kun oldin