28-Avg, 2020
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A clutch of snake eggs I have been waiting SEVEN YEARS to cut!!
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About Brian Barczyk:
Hey, I'm Brian Barczyk from SnakeBytesTV, AnimalBytesTV and Discovery channel's series Venom Hunters. Follow the Barczyk family and I as we share our lives as reptile breeders. We post daily vlogs each day at 9:00 AM (EST)! We are reptile breeders of snakes, geckos, blue-tongued skinks as well as all other animals. I also travel around the world doing amazing animal adventures. As far as snakes I breed corn snakes, milk snakes, king snakes, rat snakes, Ball pythons, Sand boas, Woma Pythons, Spotted Pythons, Children's pythons, Carpet pythons and more! Besides breeding, I have two dogs, Burmese pythons, Reticulated pythons, Tortoises, Lizards and an American alligator. Thank you for watching and don’t forget to check out my vlogs to go around the world with me!!
Brian Barczyk

  • Good Morning and happy Friday! As you guys know weekends are our busy days, not that the rest of the week isn't already busy to be honest. So we have a packed schedule and looking forward to meeting a lot of people that will have amazing animal encounters this weekend with us! Yesterday was probably my best mental health day yet. I felt great all day, I know I am getting better. Will I have set backs, of course, but I know the transition to a happier and anxiety free life is happening. Again, I would love to share this journey and make a dedicated video about what I have done and how I will continue to heal. If thats something you guys want me to do sometime in the next month I am happy to do it. I just worry that some people will think I should stick to animals and not share this struggle. But I think its so important to allow others to see that no matter what you can not give up! Let me know your thoughts... And have an absolutely lovely day! Sending all my love to each of you! Brian

    Brian BarczykBrian BarczykOy oldin
    • Me

      Slade WagerSlade Wager28 kun oldin
    • You didnt waste your life

      Annabel PattersonAnnabel PattersonOy oldin
    • Me

      Rebecca MartinRebecca MartinOy oldin
    • I need your help Brian. I had a clutch of 7 babies (mom was gravid when I got her) babies have hatched and I have no idea what I’m looking at. Everyone I ask has a different opinion and I’m so confused. Mom is a fire spinnerblast yellowbelly and dad was a fire

      Stephanie BillingsleyStephanie BillingsleyOy oldin
    • I need your help Brian to identify what my baby ball pythons are. Everyone has a different opinion and I’m so confused.

      Stephanie BillingsleyStephanie BillingsleyOy oldin
  • Where’s clutch no 2? Did it prove?

    Lyndsey HancockLyndsey Hancock23 kun oldin
  • Bro I r a hero

    rohan pradhanrohan pradhan24 kun oldin
  • God bless you Sir!

    Karen HeadKaren Head24 kun oldin
  • Why click bait so much Brian u dont have to u should make episodes I promise I love ur channel

    Rob KzzinskyRob Kzzinsky26 kun oldin
  • Lol. I'm used to these breeders being graceful with these animals and working with them like it's an extension of their own bodies. Brian is like a spazzy teen girl.... I can't believe he gets along w/ NERD's owner, Kevin. Kevin's so serious and sincere with his love for these creatures. Brian talks about these animals like exciting merchandise and handles them like a fumbling novice. Now...in his defense, he is one of the first reptile UZworldrs I watched, and his excitement was engaging and got me actually interested in reptiles.

    Sa GaSa Ga29 kun oldin
  • Brian you did not waste your 7 years of time you teached us different kinds of snakes like ball python,pastel,and many more I forgot others

    Alexandra DamondamonAlexandra Damondamon29 kun oldin
  • I want a snake when I’m 16 I’ll get a $63 dollars tho

    Jake WebsterJake WebsterOy oldin
  • I have 2 crested geckos there both sweeties crusty and Carmel ones a boy and ones a girl another 2 years to go then we’ll have baby ones

    //redo !//redo !Oy oldin
  • Nothing is a waste. You know maybe more than anyone that it is all trial and error. You have won some and lost some. Keep the faith and just do what you do.

    Tim SmithTim SmithOy oldin
  • I became obsessed with Brian’s videos around the time I finally got my first corn snake, wish I could get more but my landlord was upset I even had 1 snake. I’ve been watching his videos forever now since I want to get into breeding snakes and possibly start a business with a friend of mine. 🥰

  • Lmao. He treats snake eggs like Pokemon cards

    Zo0mxZo0mxOy oldin
  • i remember the first time i found his channel and i fell in love with all the snakes, i cant wait until i finally get snake 🤗

    Makayla HolmesMakayla HolmesOy oldin
  • I was going through videos on you tube and found him and have been hooked every since he's helped me get over my fear of snakes iv never been to his place before but I plan on going soon hopefully with in the next year or so

    Donna EverettDonna EverettOy oldin
  • Did u get the white sprinkle?

    Minister Kristie Lamon-WilliamsMinister Kristie Lamon-WilliamsOy oldin
  • Hi your shows are good I love your shows Love Ava Allen

    Cassandra BenderCassandra BenderOy oldin
  • Hi

    Cassandra BenderCassandra BenderOy oldin
  • I found Brian watching Jay prehistoric pets.

    Bobbie JordanBobbie JordanOy oldin

    D's BALLSD's BALLSOy oldin
  • Geckos making a break for it! Nice catches Brian

    Lindsay StevensLindsay StevensOy oldin
  • Night Fury with the live version of a photobomb! That was awesome

    Lindsay StevensLindsay StevensOy oldin
  • Do you do a necropsy on your reptiles that die?What did that male die from?

    Donna HedrickDonna HedrickOy oldin
  • How did second clutch go any luck been looking for video

    Joni ShawleyJoni ShawleyOy oldin
  • Who knew that Brian wasn’t full-time snake breeder

    Junior WessnerJunior WessnerOy oldin
  • has the second part to the clutch been uploaded yet? hope we haven't missed it :)

    Leanne NelsonLeanne NelsonOy oldin
    • I have yet to see it either. Maybe the clutch didn't make it?

      Kyle CrillKyle CrillOy oldin
    • I've been looking for it too

      Joni ShawleyJoni ShawleyOy oldin
  • Did he do the update does anyone know what happened with the second clutch of eggs

    Marlena thorvaldMarlena thorvaldOy oldin
  • Morphs ... XD I don't understand why poeple want an other color ... There are so mush amazing spiecies in the world

    soleen husssoleen hussOy oldin
  • You and Emily from snake discovery has been my absolute favorite. ❤ Ppl always come to my house n never understand how I feel about my snakes but I can get depressed, but take a snake out and it instantly gives me energy and spikes up my mood. ❤

    Jessica WaltersJessica WaltersOy oldin
  • Your 😎 with reptiles

    Donovan RiceDonovan RiceOy oldin
  • You should totally name it confetti instead of white sprinkle. Just sayin'. Anywho even if you dont hit this year you still have the following etc. Ya know it could just be unfortunate odds which I'm sure has happened to many people with many morphs. Have a great day!

    Danielle B.Danielle B.Oy oldin
  • 1:26 did you cut your tongue like a snake

    Carlos CarreraCarlos CarreraOy oldin
  • AARGH!! 😤😠😡

    Shiv PatelShiv PatelOy oldin
  • Been watching since 2008 !

    WestCoast InfernoWestCoast InfernoOy oldin
  • My BP haven't ate for three months

    Eddy ledezmaEddy ledezmaOy oldin
  • I don’t why did you?

    Gamer Vinner FishyGamer Vinner FishyOy oldin
  • Yes is was a waste

    Dan BikingDan BikingOy oldin
  • What about a room for RJ to keep him more close and for the visitors to see?

    Dreamer _Dreamer _Oy oldin
  • None are hets??

    J BoltJ BoltOy oldin
  • I feel you,,life’s been hard, and I struggle everyday, but I keep things to myself and it’s literally killing me. Now my 3 kids are gone from home, my dog just died that I had for 10 yrs. which is all I had. But please share what you go through,,animals and you,,, you might just help someone! Love you and your family 🙏🏼❤️

    April Hare43April Hare43Oy oldin
  • Damn!! That D'Albertis python is freaking sick!! That might be one of the coolest colors I've ever seen!!! There are some cool morphs out there, but that jawn, for me, takes the cake!

    A CA COy oldin
  • Hey man i can tell you have been depressed lately and you kind of touched on it in a precious video. If you ever need to talk about it or anything man there are alot of people here for you! Including myself

    Michael WunderMichael WunderOy oldin
  • Can‘t wait to see if you have luck with the next eggs. Greetings Stefan Broghammer

    ReptilTVReptilTVOy oldin
    • Is there an Update about the 2. clutch of Eggs?

      Benjamin SalmBenjamin Salm9 kun oldin
  • Stop mass producing and spend more time with ur animals i love the channel just friendly advice

    David BucknerDavid BucknerOy oldin

    Chris HardwickChris HardwickOy oldin
  • My dad had a huge passion for reptiles and passed it on to me he recently passed away from cancer I ran across this page in utube and been watching it ever since makes me feel close to my dad so thank u Brian my dad would of loved ur channel and wat u do

    Danielle HoweDanielle HoweOy oldin
  • I hate how he handles babies in eggs. Snake Discovery is so much better

    Gina mua INDIAGina mua INDIAOy oldin
  • if love what you then no you did not wast 7 years if you have so much if you spend your money well them making designs on your part then you can pick up of your ness and bring happy what you do dont be sad be happy :) # love snakes

    Kreston CantuKreston CantuOy oldin
  • I have fathe in the project you got ths don't get yourself bummed out

    Thomas MeadeThomas MeadeOy oldin
  • When your talking about $$$ how much $$$ are you actually talking about?????

    Beane420 TundraBeane420 TundraOy oldin
  • I’ve never wanted to own a snake till I came across yo channel much love brotha

    Elnorteño PandilleroElnorteño PandilleroOy oldin
  • ... ace may be feisty because his new enclosure makes him feel like he is back in the wild...

    J. Lucero de GodoiJ. Lucero de GodoiOy oldin
  • "I dont breed snakes for a living anymore" biggest lie I've heard yet... theres nothing wrong with being a breeder... but if you're gonna cut open eggs constantly, and you're gonna show off tonsss of baby snakes, you dont have to spin us like you're breeding just to have pets lol... c'mon man, we fuck with your channel cuz we like what you do, you dont gotta spin us

    Scott HorvathScott HorvathOy oldin
  • I was soooo excited 🙆 but nop 😐

    Sharfah1 Meyer1Sharfah1 Meyer1Oy oldin
  • you've brought me peace and joy so frequently these past 7 years you feel like family. youve been there... for me; for all of us. quit doubting your worth cause and effect my brother your where you are for a reason and you change the world everyday doing what you love. and you've got an army behind you

    nik Sutherlandnik SutherlandOy oldin
  • U never waste time and money it's a learning experience an the fact u have this lil dude or chick is awesome all in all

    Jennifer WalkerJennifer WalkerOy oldin
  • Wow are you really selling $55 dollar T-shirts??? Holy hell do you get a free snake with the tee?

    Abdullah AmeenAbdullah AmeenOy oldin
  • My mum had a phobia of snakes and passed a bad fear of them into me I’m over it but can’t touch them or other animals except dogs due to ocd of certain feels of things (it’s weird I know) but noticed my kid was at a party and an animal man had snakes lizards and other cool animals there and she was really scared because of me and her Gran but watching you made her fearless and we had the same guy at her last birthday so thank you!

    19161916Oy oldin
  • Anything you accomplish that is positive is NEVER a waste of your time my friend !!! :)

    1softkiss1softkissOy oldin
  • Hey brother my Asian Forrest scorpion is pregnant would you like a baby once they are ready?

    Moto's Danger Zone!Moto's Danger Zone!Oy oldin
  • Not trying to be rude but gt stands for grande terre, but damn those are some nice leachies! Did you get them from Liebermans living art leachies?

    The Shire ExoticsThe Shire ExoticsOy oldin
  • My Leopard gecko did that ones when I held her

    TJ ReeseTJ ReeseOy oldin
  • If ace gets a mate you should name it jack or spade

    Nicole WeisNicole WeisOy oldin
  • Patience is a virtue.. Good things come to those who wait.. ..and all that good stuff.😁 We're all with you, rooting for a new recessive morph!

    WideAwakeismWideAwakeismOy oldin
  • What if you turned the Snake Message room into a Sloth Habitat (sorry Lori)....

    Chris ClugstonChris ClugstonOy oldin
  • have you ever cut any of the baby snake?

  • Love that shirt! Slow jams lol

    Caleb PattonCaleb PattonOy oldin
  • Do you have any hognoses?

    M. BrellahanM. BrellahanOy oldin
  • I love you so much but i can not afford to go where you are.

    Willo heWillo heOy oldin
  • Hey man don’t give up. You work with extraordinary animals everyday

    Memphis The fallen angelMemphis The fallen angelOy oldin
  • What type of snake is Night Fury? I've been trying it find out but I can't figure it out for the life of me

    ElianaElianaOy oldin
  • my regards from Czech Republic .. I love your channel and please continue in your great wok :)

    Zbyněk KopřivaZbyněk KopřivaOy oldin
  • Grande Terreeeee hahaha gran torino is a movie

    apreptiles ESapreptiles ESOy oldin
  • Anyone know what happened to his scaleless ball pythons? did they not survive for too long?

    hernjukuhernjukuOy oldin
  • Brian as always you Rock. Keep positive too

    Grace ClarkGrace ClarkOy oldin
  • 7:51 look at night fury 😂

    Jessa's ReptilesJessa's ReptilesOy oldin
  • I found Brian after Steve cash Brian I hope you get a diamond playbutte. That be amazing

    viper dragonhideviper dragonhideOy oldin
  • I found Brian after Steve cash Brian I hope you get a diamond playbutte. That be amazing

    viper dragonhideviper dragonhideOy oldin
  • I found him after steeve cash

    viper dragonhideviper dragonhideOy oldin
  • Yes you did and kill/abused many animals as well

    Lady WolfLady WolfOy oldin
    • Lady Wolf what animals did he kill and abuse

      Aaron JacksonAaron JacksonOy oldin
  • Lol this dude is such a pos

    colton jarviscolton jarvisOy oldin
  • click bait at it's finest

    JrFreakJrFreakOy oldin
  • I'm a failure..but I'm a failure who never stops trying / practicing until a result works Btw I wasted my life

    ɮօʊռċɛ օʄʄɮօʊռċɛ օʄʄOy oldin
  • I can't even imagine the feeling when that male passed away, like 5 men kicking you in the balls

    john rosciolojohn roscioloOy oldin
  • good morning brother!

    Monkey MouMouMonkey MouMouOy oldin
  • Much Respect.

  • Hey Brian, my husband and I love to watch your channel and we love your jingles. Greetings from Europe.

    C 83C 83Oy oldin
  • Can someone tell me y he has a cut in the middle of his tongue

    Isabelle ShoemakerIsabelle ShoemakerOy oldin
    • It’s not a cut.

      Freedom AndersonFreedom AndersonOy oldin
  • I just recently ordered my first normal ball python and it will be shipping out in 3 days and I will get it at my door in 4 days, and I can't wait. I'm beyond stoked. It's gonna be a male ball python and I've already been decided on the name of this animal for over a month, his name is gonna be Ouroboros. I can't wait..

    stfinalwrathstfinalwrathOy oldin
  • I love the “remember the clutch I showed you 57 days ago” and I’m like oh crap I don’t even remember what happened yesterday brother but carry on

    AquaticPanda0AquaticPanda0Oy oldin
  • Just scrolled across when first got ball pythons and I watch every morning

    Jason GrahamJason GrahamOy oldin
  • Was really hoping

    Peggy RadeckPeggy RadeckOy oldin
  • Brian, I want you to, one day before opening up, just walk around your entire building! Like your a visitor! & remember everything that has lead up to now! Both good memories & not so good memories! Hopefully the good memories out weigh the not so good memories! & I want you to always remember 1 important thing! You have a life that inspires many lives!!! Some may (because of you) may become owners of snake/reptiles!!! & hopefully responsible snake/reptile owners just like you!!! You should be smiling now!!! Your welcome!!! ♥️

    Larry Kelbaugh Jr.Larry Kelbaugh Jr.Oy oldin
  • Are the diablets pythons found is Australia if so we call them southern white lipped pythons in aus

    Cooper HillsCooper HillsOy oldin
  • You know brian i gotta hand it to yah, your really the most paitent man iv ever seen, and even if you dont go on to produce this 7 year in the making white speckled animal next week, i wouldnt care if i were you, its not like its impossible for someone else to find the same mutation years down the road!, and im still quite young but i think theres no reason to worry about lost money and time, your a huge idol to me and many others, your signed Brian In The Wild poster is litterally hanging on my snake cages. Its not about the speckled snake its about the community and lifestyles youve created for all of us. And i hope you hit the odds! I hope it happens!!! But dont ever be bummbed out if it doesnt happen!! You can trust when i say that at some point in this earths time the speckled snake will exist!!!

    Anthony BrysonAnthony BrysonOy oldin
  • I have faith in you Brian!

    Beautifully FuckedBeautifully FuckedOy oldin
  • Bleach ball , looks like it got bleach splashed on it. Great vids good luck !

    AKFTXAKFTXOy oldin
  • Are you feeding snakes and the other animals tommorow because that's what I want to see

    Indoraptor 2020Indoraptor 2020Oy oldin
    • Would you mind your got damn business

      Indoraptor 2020Indoraptor 2020Oy oldin
    • Who cares what you want 😂

      Adam HillAdam HillOy oldin
  • Love your work dude!!! All the way from New Zealand

    funkijimjamzfunkijimjamzOy oldin
  • Hi Brian, i think you should just keep doing what your doing., the ups and the downs. Afterall no one has a perfect life, do they

    Cathryn RedmanCathryn RedmanOy oldin
  • Me..i hates the thought of a snake now o love all his snakes..Ivy is beautiful

    Lady JaxxxLady JaxxxOy oldin